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    Can I "seed" jellyfish sponge & media in reef tank?

    I'm restarting my Jellyfishart 2 gallon tank since it's currently dry. Can I "seed" my sponge and media in my reef tank to get it cycle faster or are there creatures or things from my reef tank that may be dangerous to my jellies that my hitchhike into my jelly tank in the foam or media...
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    Small footprint corner overflow for drilled tank??

    Interested in buiding a 30-50 gallon drilled rimless tank wiht a corner overflow. Looking to build or buy a corner overflow? I would love a clear acrylic or glass overflow that could be painted on the inside to match the back wall off white color (so it is as unnoticable as possible) but would...
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    Cleaning foam w/out killing nitrfying bacteria?

    Ron...thank you for clarifying. I apprecite it!
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    Cleaning foam w/out killing nitrfying bacteria?

    Ron......just to clarify, are you saying freshhwater and air are NOT the problem but excessive heat and light ARE bad for nitrifying bacteria.
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    Cleaning foam w/out killing nitrfying bacteria?

    Jonathan....Thank you for your feedback. When I'm doing a significant water change, the filter is not surrounded by water for about 1-2 minutes as the water level drops below the level of the foam (but it is obviously still damp). Is the bacteria likely still fine during this amount of time?
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    Cleaning foam w/out killing nitrfying bacteria?

    I have a 2 gallon moon jellyfish aquarium by JellyFishArt. The stock aquarium has a piece of foam in the back compartment that is the only biological filtration (see photo). At times, I will do large water changes (70% or 100%) with water with pricesely matched salinit and temp. What are...
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    Most powerful electic or batter powered gravel vac/cleanrer???

    Curious if any of the electric or battery powered gravel cleaners have enough power to be valuable. Which one do you like best? Anyone used the I like how you can divert water back to the tank OR divert water to...
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    Removing hood and rim on Red Sea 130D????

    Anyone done this???
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    Bag Filter Floss VS Filter Pads???

    I have a 34G Red Sea with an In-Tank media rack. I put the bagged floss (the very inexpensive type from wall mart that is used for stuffing pillows and things) and replace it a couple times a week. Is there a big advantage to using floss pads like the ones from In-Tank. They are more...
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    Experience w/ AquariumCreations Red/Orange Tree Soft Coral Umbellulifera sp???

    AquariumCreationsOnline has a Umbellulifera sp that they list as moderately difficult. Anyone had success with this coral from them? Reefers online tend to say that Umbellulifera sp are very hard to keep alive but I'm curious if they really found a specific one that is easier?
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    paint inside of overflow?

    Sorry to bring up an old thread. Did you paint the inside or outside of the covers? If you painted the outside, we're you able to scrape it clean?
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    Painting back of tank same color as wall behind the tank????

    It will be a rimless tank so I was planning to keep the back of the tank clean. I would paint it on the outside so I could still clean the back wall.
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    Painting back of tank same color as wall behind the tank????

    Curious if anyone has painted the back of a tank the same color as the wall behind the tank??? I LOVE the look of rimless tanks with clear glass backs. I have a gray wall. Curious if painting the back of the tank the same gray color would make it look like the back wall is just glass. The...
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    Overflow...cleanest, reliable option for rimless tank w/ clear back wall

    What is the cleanest looking overflow option for a 30-50 gallon rimless tank with glass back wall that is reliable (not fail and flood your house)? I'm also open to other non-traditional options like the Mame overflow, etc. Photos, links, etc. appreciated
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    Cheaper / generic version of Vortech MP 10????

    Is there a circulation pump with the power cord on the outside of the tank that is cheaper than a Vortech MP 10?