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  • Never mind...was just introducing myself as we live in the same geographical area. I tried to send a private message but I do not have enough posts to do so...
    Just thought I would drop you a note...new to reefcentral...been watching/posting on chicagoreefs. I live in Gilberts.
    Hey wondering if I can grab those scrambled eggs and a promethean from u either today or tomorrow?

    Think I've been to ur house before a while ago..
    But can u send me ur address again? 8477270369 Ryan
    If I can get out by u and back before 1, today should work. Otherwise tomorrow morning
    I highly doubt its the same and/or from the same company. I am charging a little less then what I paid.
    I just bought that same led fixture new from China for $140 shipped. Same exact. Unit. What did u pay that u r charging over $200?
    please give me a call when you get a chance on the corals anytime tomorrow after 7am EST 860-859-7013 thanks Emery
    The reefkeeper lite controller turned on and then blacked out. It's dead. I tried troubleshooting it with digital aquatics but no luck. Can I get a refund?
    i am interested in the frags you have for sale. are they still available?
    if so please call me 630-204-6421
    thank you george
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