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    osmolator run dry

    ok, thanks. it's working normally today. thanks for the info.
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    osmolator run dry

    is there a safety feature that prevents the osmolator pump from restarting properly after being run dry? this morning on the way out i noticed that my top off tank had run low enough that the pump was running but not putting out any water. i didn't have time to deal with it so rather than let it...
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    An Update to my Sumpless 40Br Mixed Reef Tank

    looks great! i remember your old thread, though i haven't seen it for quite some time. i've finally started my 40B back up after a tank disaster and a move and it's starting to come together. i'll keep an eye on your progress and perhaps follow your lead on a few things since i too am without...
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    Starry Blenny Review

    excellent writeup! a starry was my first ever saltwater fish, and when i get my tank running again i am definitely getting another one. mine also ate algae mostly but it would take rod's food right out of my hand.
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    Why so many Problems?

    Congratulations, Paul and the entire B. family!! Happy birthday and welcome to the world, Gretta!!!
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    Should I Raise My Scape/Rock Height?

    it's up to you what you want the tank to look like. there's a thread on here somewhere called minimalist aquascaping (i think that's what it's called) that has some really nice looking tanks put together with less rock than 'normal'. the thing to avoid, imo, is packing rock too tightly together...
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    Should I Raise My Scape/Rock Height?

    no pics for me either, but something to consider is the amount of space you want to leave for coral growth and swimming. envision the tank a few years from now, with things grown out some. what would it look like then? if you filled the tank now, would you still need all that rock work or would...
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    When to use salt for top off?

    Shifts in salinity would typically only happen as water evaporates from the system. Salt does not evaporate so when the water does, the overall salinity increases and as fresh water is added during top off the salinity returns to normal. If too much fresh water is added the salinity will...
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    Big swimmer for my 29g reef?!

    never had one myself but a midas blenny comes to mind reading what you are looking for. they're blennies, obviously, so they're going to be happy around the rockwork but midas that i have seen spend more time than my starry did out in the water column.
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    Electrocuting Mojanos

    Wow, I never would have expected to read Dr. Velanovich's name on a reef board. I attended a presentation of his on treating disorders of the digestive system and not long ago assisted in a procedure of his. Very talented man.
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    Local Fish store poisoned

    i forgot all about reading this thread earlier today before i went to CC. I didn't make my way to the other side of the fish aisle but i did see some sweet looking eels on the inner row. thank god not everything perished. what a tool.
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    i have two but i also have a long handled scraper. i don't like mag floats down near the sand or on the seams.
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    RiP, JT.

    RiP, JT.
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    Fishless Cycling Question

    this. get the one without additives. shake the bottle at the store and if if foams up at the top, it's not the right one.
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    Sam's Stair-Stepping Nanos - The Complete Ecosystem

    thanks for the pic, i wasn't sure if a camera was going to fit there. well executed.