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    Florida reef saver rock

    I have quite a bit of Florida reef rock for sale. The is the stuff from And some of it came from brs. It has been out of salt water and is dry. I have some super large pieces that would be great for base rock and a bunch of medium and smaller pieces. $1.00 a pound. Sells for...
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    Taking down my last salt tank - livestock

    I am taking down the last of my salt. I have a few rocks with mushrooms, a bright green toad stool, hermits, and maybe a peppermint shrimp. Has algae and flatworms but I can dip the rock. If I have traded with you before you can have what you like first come first serve. If you want to give...
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    desjardini sailfin tang - show size

    I will take a $100 for the hippo as well.
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    desjardini sailfin tang - show size Caught it today. $100
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    Live stock sale

    I can email some pics if interested
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    Live stock sale

    Need to take my tank down for a bit so I am going to sell off my live stock. Show size desjardini sailfin tang and hippo tang. You need a big tank if you don’t want to stress them. 300 and you can have both. 2 sets of clowns ( one set black) 5 green chromes. Orange stripe tang ( more brown...
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    Looking for fish

    Looking for reef safe fish if anyone wants to get rid of anything. I have a 310 with only two clownfish so the the tank looks pretty sparse.
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    Tank swap

    Levamisole works great on flatworms.
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    FS: Triggers and Wrasse

    I have a huma huma trigger, indicus trigger and red corris wrasse for sale. I will take $30 for the huma huma, $50 for the indicus and $40 for the wrasse. I am moving my big display back to a reef so these need to go. The indicus is decent sized, probably 6 inches or so. The other two smaller.
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    40 gallon breeders?

    I have a 40 Breeder setup, drilled, stand, sump, skimmer, return pump.
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    Rose bubble tips for sale

    Yes I still have them.
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    Rose bubble tips for sale

    Still have these. Still wanting to trade or sell. I am having issues getting them to move so I can sell them one, two, or three to a rock. I can still dip the rocks in flatworm exit or levamisole. I have them in a temporary tank under cheapy lights. They will look much better under decent...
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    Yellow tang for sale

    If it doesn't sell I will trade you a rose bubble tip anemone.
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    Apex display in Granite City

    Anyone have one? I bought a used apex (older model). I don't see it on my network and my only display is bad. Looking to borrow one to see what is up with it.