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    7095 controller

    could i have the address?
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    calcium reactor adjustment

    the salt is instant ocean
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    calcium reactor adjustment

    i've tested with both salifert and tropic marin.
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    calcium reactor adjustment

    dKH is 9. calcium is 490+. tank pH is 8.5. what adjustment on the calcium reactor do i need to make in order to lower the calcium to the 420-450 range and not affect the dKH and pH?
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    7095 controller

    my "moon light" has stopped working. the controller is 14 months old. the night time mode will not work as a result. solution? thanks in advance.
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    9010 not working either

    roger, i took my 9010 apart just like jay508 and am still not getting any foaming action. should i try the vinegar and water as you described or send to you for examination. thanks in advance.
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    I ordered 2 gobies and 1 blenny from Live Aquaria. First question, good or bad move? Second question, is it imperative that I quarantine them?
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    supply pump for ca reactor

    Where is the proper or best place to mount the feed pump for a ca reactor? Tank, inlet or return side of my fug? This is my first attempt at a ca reactor.
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    My Reef Creations calc reactor

    Good or bad?
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    6055 Nanostream "clicking" noise

    Do you have the updated shafts for your older 6055's? Will Roger replace?
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    Roger, 6055's...

    I wasn't sure if my reply on the previous post comes to you. I have 2 6055's with the white shafts that are making the clicking noise at start and end. They are controlled by my 7095 at 30-100%. Is there an update available?
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    Water level in refugium

    Is there a link for determining min/max water level in fug? Or, can someone explain? I am finally adding an auto top off and have been guessing at the water level in the past.
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    6055 Nanostream "clicking" noise

    Roger, I have the same clicking noise. Just inspected my 2 6055's and they have the white shafts. Is there an update for the shafts? If so, please advise. They are controlled by my 7095 set at 30-100%. Thanks.
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    Randy, Should I bypass the calcium monitoring and purchase a reactor with a pH monitor? This will stabilize my water conditions if set up properly? What would you suggest for a 90 gal / 30 gal fug. I intend on loading up with SPS and LPS when I get a handle on the chemistry.
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    What is the best bang for the buck on a pH monitor and a calcium monitor?