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    Helmet urchin, colobocentrotus atratus

    Hey I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd share my experience. I had one if these when I lived in Hawaii that I collected myself and it was a wonderful inhabitant. I had a lot of coral in the tank and it never touched anything. Just ate my algae and did a great job too. I loved it...
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    Snorkeling Spots Near Orlando, FL

    Thanks for the replies! We ended up heading over to Anna Maria Island. I read about a reef over there and hoped to find it, but the visibility was very low and I only saw some baby filefish near a buoy. Next time we'll have to plan some time we can go down south and see the really good stuff.
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    Snorkeling Spots Near Orlando, FL

    Hi, My wife and I will be heading to Orlando, Florida next week, and I was wondering anyone knows any good snorkeling spots that are nearby. I know the beach is a bit of a drive in any direction, but was hoping there was some decent places within a reasonable distance of Orlando. I'd love to...
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    Lps id....

    Looks like Lobphyllia to me.
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    Help please, can anyone identify this coral for me?

    It's a protopalythoa.
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    What are these

    Look like Kedd's Reds to me.
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    What happened to Dendrophyllia Coccinea?

    Hi, Back in 2009, Dendrophyllia coccinea was a popular coral with a moderate price tag. Now it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. I saw a frag of this in my friend's tank the other day, and he informed me that it is now illegal, and pretty hardcore illegal too. Like, no one is...
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    Hey, I looked at my zoanthids today and a few were closed with these white bumps on them. Is this Zoapox? Thanks, Nick
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    LIght schedule

    Many people with nocturnal species run a reverse light cycle with regular lights on at night and reds only during the day. The octopus can't see the red, so it thinks it is nighttime and you can observe it moving around during the day.
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    Entertaining an Algae Octopus

    You could use legos, a golf ball, action figure... Anything out of the ordinary will keep it interested. Do you have pictures? I don't know what an algae octopus is.
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    SPS Killer??? HELP!!!

    If you have tried everything else, and your trace elements test where they should be (CA, KH, MG esp), the only reason you would be losing stuff is because something is eating them or stressing them to death. Sit in front of your tank for a while and see if you can catch your copperband nipping...
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    Questions on my Octo tank?

    Tightly seal the tank and keep it in a critter keeper or other small cage until it's mantle is 1" or so. Cover all intakes with foam. Abdopus should have at least a 29g tank as an adult. Forty pounds of rock is a lot for a 20 gallon and the octopus may feel congested.
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    baby squid (PICS)

    Most people don't even try. If you have an appropriate setup, a ton of time, and know how to take care of them they aren't that hard... of course I guess that's the case with anything. The hardest part is having the food supply and time to feed as many times as the squid require. One of the...
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    Nova Extreme 8x54 or Extreme Pro 6x54

    Will I get more light output out of the Nova Extreme 8 bulb with one single reflector or the Extreme Pro 6 bulb with individual reflectors? Thanks
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    Favia Show Off Thread

    We got one like that at work and fragged it up. I got a piece of it. I think it's pretty cool looking :).