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    4/Sale Complete Neptune Systems w/tons of extras/Optical Level Sensor/ JBJ Arctica Chiller

    Everything is in use but in working order pick up in NY lower Manhattan text or call at 917-309-9220 or leave a message. Complete Neptune Systems 1x Apex Control LCD Head Unit 1x Energy Bar 1x Lab Salinity Probe 1x Lab pH Probe 1x Lab ORP Probe 1x Temp Probe All as come with all these...
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    For Sale 2 VorTech MP10

    Please close . SOLD! Thank you
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    For Sale 2 VorTech MP10

    I have 2 VorTech MP10 each one for $ Both of these are wireless mp10 quiet drive vortech pump in good working condition. SOLD! Ed
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    Kalkwasser & Media Reactor,Dosing Pump 4/SALE

    ReefOctopus Kalkwasser Reactor KS-100 with Kalkwasser Bulk Reef Supply 1lb for $60 Bubble Magus Dosing Pump BM-T01 Dosing Pump Bracket 32 oz. Package - ESV B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System 1.5 L Liter Liquid Dosing Containers for $60 Lifegard Lifegard Turbo Media Reactor Medium - Side Flow for...
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    Apex and Amateur Radio

    for me YES had to move it twice away from the window that suck big time for me do to my tank is next to the window. move it around and drop the power a bit and works with out any problem what so ever. BUT I'm running a stock YAESU FT-847 no extra power. Living in the city dealing with it...
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    Reef Octopus BR-70 vs Vertex Rx-U 1.5L HELP!

    Question looking to buy one of these Reef Octopus BR-70 or Vertex Rx-U 1.5L as a BioPellet Reactor. I'm leaning more to Vertex Rx-U 1.5L. I didn't need pump for either and they are both very suitable for my needs. Need any PRO or CON on either any input. It's hard to find people that are...