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    Free 90 gallon reef ready in Robbinsville 08691

    Tank is old but still holds water
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    WTB 50-60lbs of dry rock

    I have about that much I'll sell you cheap. It was Marco rock back when he got it from Fiji.
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    Looking for a hood and some fish for a 210

    Does one have a hood for a 210 or know someone who makes them near Columbus? Also looking for fish that are healthy. This is for my sister and brother in law.
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    Frags at the Firehouse

    Bump whose going?
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    August Meeting @ Aquarium Care Center

    No more gemmy???????
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    August Meeting @ Aquarium Care Center

    There goes that Gemmy again. I wonder who it is?
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    Iso sps frags

    check out SMCooler He is in Hillsborough and has the best SPS tank around.
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    April 2016 Meeting

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    Cheapest Aquariums?
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    April 2016 Meeting

    Ok so I'm been involved with NJRC for over 10 years. Who is this mystery Gemmy?
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    What eat's Manjos?

    holy flashback post. 8 years later Saddleback eat all min back then. Now I have a few Aiptasia. Looking into one of those lasers.
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    NJRC Holiday party meeting Dec 19th