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  • So, I’m beginning the journey from a 10 gallon nano to a 180 FOWLR..
    On my 10 gallon I ran an aqua clear 30 filter, a heater a rio pump and an LED light.., that’s it!!! I did great for 3 years, then I just gave up!!!
    That is the extent of my knowledge and experience with saltwater aquariums.
    I need help?!!
    I want a peninsula style aquarium..
    Were do I get the tank from72-24-24?
    As per filtration?? I am at a loss, my eyes are crossing after hours/days of surfing the web.. Wet dry? Yes!
    No -Wet dry..?!! Sponge/filter socks?! Carbon reactor?
    GFO reactor?!! Bio pellet reactor, yes! But u have to be careful running them together. UV? Chato reactor?!!
    What kind of overflow??!!
    Herbie?!! Bean animal??!!Skimmer?
    Someone help��!!
    Hello, I am new to Reef Central and attempting to build a contact/friend list for tips, tricks, and advice. I have had a 40g FOWLR tank for the past 5yrs and just upgraded in June to a 65g cube reef. Reefing is new to me and I am finding it's a whole different animal than a fish only tank. Would you be willing to let me "latch" on to you for questions, advice and the like?
    Hey buddy, long time no talk. I was just cruising the forum and see you're moving and just got married. Congrats!! I'm actually getting hitched on 9/14 myself. I'm getting ready to get back in the hobby again but I'm going to start again with a 150 planted amazon freshwater tank so I can't help get rid of your stuff :) Anyway, hope things are well, hope you're staying in Chicago, would be cool to catch up sometime.
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding, I hope you have the day of your dreams!

    Any chance I could buy the 2 fireshrimps for $20? I am thinking of giving up my Hawkefish for them, he did kill my cleaner shrimp, I don't want a repeat. I would love shrimp in my tank again.

    I work in Rogers Park, is that anywhere near you?
    Thanks for the free SPS. I'm interested but I'm just ordering lighting today so I'll ask you if you have any left in a week or so when I have everything ready.

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