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  • Hello Mr EC. Well my "Australian" elegance has all the symptoms of the dreaded ECS. My water decent. Less than 10ppm nitrates, 0.02 phosphates 9.5dKH and 450 CA. All my other corals SPS, LPS, zoas are doing great. I moved it to a shaded low flow area. The web is getting worse. Is there any chance of saving this coral?
    Just got a beautiful carnation coral..did some research, most contradictory
    I have her attached to a rock (from lfs) under low light. moderate/heavy flow in the back of my 29g biocube. I am set up with a skimmer, refugium, carbon and i feed a blend of mysis, brine, clam every 2 days, i do have a weekly regime of dossing .. i can elaborate if needed

    i have upgraded my lighting system to a TrueLumen 12" Dual LED kit.
    12k/453 nm & 453nm.. Stock Biocube Moon light..(really good shimmer)
    Current usa timer en route.

    only other specimes that are atleast 6 inches away..
    Montipora.. high above.. on cliff face.
    and Green Finger Leather Coral.. small frag.. more than 6" away and placed were current pushes any possible threat away from carnation..
    Ill have a pic of the Carnation in a few.. but heres a pic with a placement indicator.. Thoughts..?

    Hi EC - I've been following your posts and have been very impressed with your knowledge of the elegance corals. They are quite beautiful. I bought one about three weeks ago from the LFS and was assured it was an Australian. I am not so sure. Mine has been eating, but it has the shortest tentacles I have seen - can't even find other pics which ones so short. Hopefully I've attached a couple pics correctly - and any insight you can give would be great. It it looks like it's going downhill or anyway to get the tentacles out? Thanks ahead of time - David

    Whats dude? So im ordering my apex this friday and was going to go with apex jr. Anything else u can think off that I need to order with it?
    Hey EC its Bryan from the shop. Finally found u. I mixed up the reef crystals today. Hopefully that will do the trick. As always you are a big help.
    Hello EC,
    I wrote to you on another forum and know you must get bombarded with questions on Elegance corals. Heres another!
    I recently got mine and I read in one of your posts that you should try to get it eatting asap. So after 2 days of acclimating in my tank, great extension, partially shade cover from LED lights and in the sand bed(flesh not touching sand or pinched) it excepted a piece of krill without exo-skeleton. I was so happy!!! I will post a pic for you soon
    Thank You
    Hey hows it going, Iv read alot of you threads on elegance corals and had a few questions for you. I just picked one up that was aquacultured at my lfs, the main body where the mouths are seems to overspill the skeleton and the tentacles seem to be very short, maybe 1/2 in on the longer ones. hes only been in my system for 3days. here is some info on my tnak, 90 gallon, 2 250w mh liggts, 4 65w actinic he is on the sand in a well lit area, im wondering if hes getting too much light from what iv read. The only fish I havd in there is a 3ft frimbrated moreay that never bothers my corals. my phosphate is
    .25 and nitrates areound 20. I cant post a pic b/c im at work right now but was wondering if maybe i should move him to a shady area, i dont really want to disturb him yet. Thanks for your input
    Hey there EC I am a proud new owner of an elegance coral that is looking super good. I just thought it might be handy to have a friend on here that might know a thing or two about them. Happy reefing
    Hi EC, I was just reading your profile, and I have to laugh. As your new friend let me tell you just a snippet about me...

    I'm a wife, and my husband hit 18 tanks in the house before I lost it! LOL Cheers! nice to be friends here!
    Hey Elegance Coral, im pretty sure I have an INDO elegance coral, which ive had for a little bit over a month now, and it seems to be doing okay. Though it doesnt completely open up and the tentacles reach about maybe half and inch to 3/4. Its pretty fluorescent and pink tipped. Anyway, onto the question. I bought an Aussie coral and im scared to add it because of all the talk about elegance coral disease. I dont think my coral is dying but i have a LFS that would take it for a while. Im currently dripping the Aussie. What should I do/what will be safest?
    How much rock should I get and sand? I plan on running this set-up for about a year before getting this coral.
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