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  • I don't live in Fargo. I'm in Grand forks. Truth be told, my tank is probably about as full as it should be being as I don't have a larger tank at the moment. What do you have for sale?
    Ya, right now ive only got the website up. Its got a forum & an articles page. I don't really think it needs much else. Although a news update on the homepage wouldn't be bad.

    Right now im just trying to get heard. Telling friends, posting on my signatures, posting in forums. I still need to get a facebook pg & twitter for it. But ya my plan is to build a reputable community to trade frags, exchange information and so forth. Id like to get Shawn from Pets R inn to sponsor & maybe great pets. Just to help get the word out. Here is my email if you would like to discuss more. dustbust_1@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the interest.
    Hello, I had been receiving your emails about getting meetings or a club going in fargo I was really interested in not only attending but maybe helping out a bit. Are you still going thru with those plans?
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