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  • Thank you so much for the GSP and the heads of Candy Coral....keep in touch
    Ever decide to do anything with the Torches or hammer , let me know
    Yes, I have a nice sized frag on a rock, but Tonawanda is a long way from Chili, which is a western suburb of Rochester. You are most welcome to it, if you want to make the drive.
    Green Star Polyps
    Do you still have the 1 for sale?
    From the Tonawanda area...my cell is 716 531 1602, thxs lee
    what's with this PM board? LOL! Must be an upgrade. Well... I hope you get this Eileen.
    I'm still interested in the bubble coral. My cell is 585-953-4329
    Hi Ellie,

    I'd love some, I'll be at the Clarion in Batavia on Friday the 27th - are you far from there?

    Thanks, Carol
    It will be good to see you, but I'm sorry you're not feeling well. There are still some Xenia stuck to the back glass that I'll save for you. Just give me a call when you're free.
    hey there...been so busy with Rent, and now I'm sick...usually always happens after a show closes. But yes, very much would like the xenia...and a chat.
    Well, if you were to find the time to drop by with your bird trimming tools, the Xenia is on the house, Kat. What do you say?
    Fantastic...I haven't seen you in ages. What time? Cocktail hour begins any moment now. lol
    Nothing to forgive. Your frag is just sitting there in its little soapdish in the sump...waiting for you expectantly.
    i totally did!!! i didn't get home from Syracuse until almost 7pm...and then had to acclimate Mike's fish....off to Elmira for the day...I'll call you when i get back into town...forgive me?
    Eileen...rehearsal just got pushed up to 530p.....i don't want to rush this. what's tomorrow afternoon look like after 3pm?
    Any time is fine. Would Thursday work better for you or today? I don't want this to inconvenience you in any way, Kat.
    eileen...got a doctor's appointment Weds. that i forgot about...i'll be done at 5pm. Does that still work for you? Gotta scoot though...rehearsal at 7pm and i need to be there by 630 to prep the stage.
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