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    Pictures - 800 gallon reef - 7+ years in operation

    very nice! congrats! how about an updated picture? :)
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Where's my oldschool folks at?

    I guess that includes me :beer:
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    Wet Skimmate Water Changes?

    thank you! :thumbsup:
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    Hi Starangers! RED SEA PICS. Duuuude....

    wow, amazing photos, very healthy looking reef, very dense with marine life definitely need to get to the red sea, on my bucket list :) thank you so much for taking the time to drop in and post your experience and photos, much appreciated!
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    Tear Down Sale Teaser

    oh man, sorry to hear this :(
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    Coral Tank from Canada (1350gal Display Tank) - split

    very nice! glad to hear about the tank's rebirth, and in good hands! :beer:
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    ideal temperature for a reef tank? 82-84 F

    corals seem to adapt to a temperature range :thumbsup:
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    ideal temperature for a reef tank? 82-84 F

    I agree. I've kept my tank at 77-78 for many years. I have been diving since 1972, including fiji, my experience is the same as yours.
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    Pranksters Too Has CLOSED

    Bass Pro Shop off Dobson road in Mesa has an 11,000g aquarium in a large dining area that is always empty every time I'm there. I bet they would like to have us!
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    DSPS tank from Thailand (1000 gallon+)

    thanks! I was in Bangkok last August 2017 I will definitely contact you next time I'm in town :beer:
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    DSPS tank from Thailand (1000 gallon+)

    what is the name and address of your restaurant? next time I am in Bangkok I will come by :)
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    DSPS tank from Thailand (1000 gallon+)

    good to hear from you Ching I hear you, this hobby takes it's toll, but it also has it's rewards :) your tank inspired me and many others, thank you
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    Gonna miss all my FRAG friends!

    Good luck with your new adventure!
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    What's more addictive than crack? Reef tanks.

    Hi David :wavehand: Good to see you back in the hobby! :thumbsup: