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  • Hello there Emmett hope all is more than well.
    You still have some things to frag in your amazing garage sump setup!?

    I can make a trip when you have time.

    Hi Emmett. Bought some frags from you a few years ago, would like to visit and by some sps's. Please give me a call and hopefully I can come down and see you soon.
    Tom Provatas 727 638-6529
    Hi Emmett, Sorry about today-poor planning and bad luck on my part, the ac quitting on 19 was the last straw lol, plus my navigator 16yr old son with his new phone was not helping matters! I will get there hopefully this week.John
    Hi Emmet, stunning tank! I am in the st Pete area and would love to buy a few frags if possible! Let me know-James
    Hey this is Tim. I lost your card and went swimming with my phone again so I don't have your number.give me a call or text 7272779693. I would like to come by
    Hey Em, its Tony
    Would it be possible to stop by next weekend and pick up a few things !?
    Its been a while since I've been by...
    I did not see a link to a thread. You can always give him to me and I can put him in the fuge cheato section to fatten him up until you can get some pods going.
    When you get a chance, will you look at this thread? It talks about culturing pods using a 10-gal. One person even cultured them in a couple of unaerated tupperware containers on the counter.

    I think I definitely need to do something. My mandarin looks a bit thinner to me. Sucks if I'll have to make another trip all the way out there again in the next day or two just to get pods, but I love this mandarin so I guess I'll have to.
    hi Emster, was looking at your tank of the month profile (congrats!). while clearly a stunning aquarium, my personal interest is in the probe holder on the Schuran JS 1. I am new to RC and unsure of etiquette here but would like to solicit your input. been using a JS 1 for some time. having trouble mating schedule 40 or cpvc to metric pipe/fitting used on Schuran, and want to build a diy probe holder similar to yours. I have looked at a variety of compression fittings and continue to draw a blank. suggestions? my post in the diy section of RC received no response. thanks
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