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  • yes I speak spanish, sorry I am seeing this a year late. No escribo mui buen.
    eu no hablo espanol

    I can understand you, but I think you can´t understand me speaking in portuguese

    Best Regards
    Thanks for answer me.
    I want to know a few things :
    1. The weight that is showed in the actuator, is the maximum of the weight that it can lift???
    2. the inches that showed the actuator are the inches that it lift???
    (e.g if i want that the roof lift 18" i need an actuator of 18")
    3. The actuator come with other accessories??

    Thanks a lot for the time
    Sorry the amount of questions :)
    and my English too.

    Greetings from COLOMBIA
    ::Your reef tank will be spectacular::
    Good night
    Hi there thanks for the compliments. I bought the linear actuator from firgelli automations. Google them. I got the sleek style.
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