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  • hello,
    ok went to the fish store last evening for right now i just bought ro water with my salt already mixed, found out my problem to be not changing any water just been toping off, so getting container today to heat n airate water and hopefully do change tonight or tomorrow. Also my tank is kinda near a window but with no choice, nomatter where in my room it will get direct light so going to purchase window blind today too, I think that will help alot. got more snails and some crabs, but really thing water change will be big help, now i know to change water weekly. he also said same about bristle worm, leave alone not bad for the tank and wont hurt coral. He says with using correct water i should see a change within 3 weeks. So here we go....lol
    Order em up and lets split shipping....I can drop ya money whenever is good for you
    B...I am not going. Wife needs a day to herself, so for me to bring two kids isn't going to happen.
    Not sure if I am going or not to the next meeting....I have to check with the boss (and my work schedule). 5:00 on a Sunday cuts into football time as well.
    Hi Brian,
    Your userid is 'BrianPagan' and I reset your password to 'acros'. You will be prompted to change it when you log on to the members only section (have to log in there before the forums section). If you are able to log into the members only section, but still have trouble logging into the forum section, let me know, occasionally the update to the forums db doesn't work and I have to run a program to sync them up (member and forum databases).

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