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    Help Salinity too Low.

    I am just going to go with the Top off water using salt water and slowly get it back up.
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    Help Salinity too Low.

    Great Thanks for the info. I will get on it tonight.
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    Help Salinity too Low.

    So the other day I noticed my zoas were closing up and did all my tests then tested my salinty. I do regular water changes of aprox 20%. My salinity using a refractometer is reading at 1.020. Is it better to use salt water for my top off. Or should I do a water change at a high salinity of 1.028...
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    Time schedule for Led Lights

    I have a 75 gallon tank and have two seperate led light fixtures with 2 settings. Blue or White. Any idea on amount of time I should leave them on for.
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    WTB: Live rock or base rock and sand

    Hello I am just setting up a 75 gallon tank. I have everything ready. Just need the rock and sand to get it started. Let me know if you have or know someone in the area of fort washington. Or philly area getting rid of live rock and sand. Thanks in advance Eric
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    Need 75 gallon reef ready tank

    Thanks BUt I got something.
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    The live rock and sand if you have The live rock and sand if you have I am interested in the live rock and sand if you have Text me at 215-816-9570 Thanks Eric
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    Tank breakdown sale nj

    How much do you want for tank and live rock let me know. Thanks Eric 215 816 9570
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    Need 75 gallon reef ready tank

    Hello Everyone. I am back and ready to start again now that the kids are older. I have more time to spend on getting a tank up and running the proper way. I tried a water leak test the other day and the bottom of my tank cracked. Fortunately I did it outside. I am interested in buy just the...
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    A jump from PC's To 175 Mh 10000

    So i took the leap and bought a MH fixture from someone dirt cheap its a Hamilton 175 mh and 2 vho bulbs 48 inchs One of the bulbs works I ordered the other bulb . What kind of time should I leave the one mh bulb on for. Keep in mind i jumped from pcs to the metal halides. Also its a 55 gallon...
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    Tank for sale

    I would definately be interested in the corals i sent you a pm. I will take all the corals if you can work me a package deal. Thanks Also sorry for you leaving the hobby
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    ASM G-1x Protein Skimmer

    where can you find the info on the gate mod
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    asm g1-x air intake tube making loud noise help

    Hello my protien skimmer is really loud . The tube that comes from the pump that sucks the water in and air in to make the bubbles is really loud it is the rubber tube that flexes. I took a coat hanger cleaned it out i put it in vinegar and even tried putting a cup upside down over it but echos...