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    Are you prepared for emergencies?

    Tech Diver, this a good refresher/reminder and vital to all new divers. My wife and I work in anesthesia so diving is akin to anesthetizing a patient. Like an airline pilot, we have a check list we utilize every time. This translated to diving easily for us as we go through a list the same way...
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    I want to get certified but... my ears

    My experience is difficult to equalize also. R>L for whatever reason. Like more experienced RCers have commented, start equalizing early and near continuous on your descent. A buddy last dive outing recommended tilting the more difficult ear up while descending. I've never used decongestants...
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    Kill the lionfish?

    Yep, I hope we can mount a defense/offense against the pests in FL.
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    ribbon eels

    See my other posts about my success. Over 2 years in captivity.
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    Eel on mix reef ?

    I too have a zebra and ribbon in my tank(>2 years). Never kept shrimp alongside as I have fed live gulf shrimp in the past & I don't know how my clan would react to fire or cleaners.
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    The BP oil spill & Gulf deep sea corals

    Thankfully, Earth has endured much worse assaults and recovered.
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    Longevity of large glass tanks?

    Aquariums for You(now defunct) built ours in 2004.
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    How much nori/veggies do you feed your tangs?

    I currently have 9 tangs from 4" to 8" in size. I feed 6 sheets nori every other day typically.
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    Back-Up Generator – Additional Equipment

    Your info is correct. Cheap ,crappy generators can produce "dirty" power meaning high distortion. According to Gillette Generators, "a typical brushless portable generator with capacitor voltage regulation will produce from 30% to 40% harmful harmonic distortions to it's generated sine-wave...
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    Evolution hobby

    Beautiful tank. Love the live stock and huge clams.
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    should i go to the doctor?

    To quote many other RCers, looking for advice one health issues from the netz is iffy.
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    blue ribbon eel

    Peter, do you mean the aquascaping and cover on the aquarium? If so, I have prolly 300 lbs live rock arranged as 2 main "piles". The top is covered with window screen. Neither of my eels have ever tried an escape.
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    blue ribbon eel

    Peter, mine started eating frozen squid from the bait shop on week one. I've got a zebra moray as well that ate from day one. Makes up for all the other losses I've experienced.
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    blue ribbon eel

    Peter, and other intersted parties, my blue ribbon is doing great. He/she has been in my tank for 2+ years. I wish I'd bought 2 when I got this one. The supplier had great results with the ribbons he had.
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    HELP !!!!display over flowing

    Lighten up frances. Twas a humorous jab.