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  • Hi

    My name is Nico and I live in Belgium. I'm interested in buying some Vipar's LED.
    I've seen that you already own these. Can you tell me if you're happy with them?
    Can you see coral improvement (color, grow, ...) under these LED?
    Do you have a secundairy lightning in combination with these?

    Thank you in advance!
    I bought it from someone on here for 225.00 in the for sell section... they are almost 500.00 new..
    I saw that you posted your sump is in the basement. What do you use to get your water flow back up to the DT? How far does it have to travel?
    I think I friended you lol, I clicked on what I thought was a pic of your tank then it said something about friends not sure what I did but o well.
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