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    Whats causing STN or Burnt Tips?

    I've seen burnt tips having been caused by an overdose of ozone. If you're using ozone, the ORP should be carefully monitored.
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    NO3:PO4-x conversion to vinegar

    I just use NO3:PO4-X. It works great. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    cat. pee. in. tank.

    I have an easy solution. Go to your favorite hardware store and buy a 10 foot length of heavy chain. Affix the chain to the offending cat's collar and then take "precious" for a long walk on a short pier. End of problem.
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    For fowlr do you use tap water or Rodin water?

    I use tap water for top off. If you have high TDS in your tap water, you may want to deploy a macro algae fuge in your sump.
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    Yellow Tang died

    Should it ever happen again, refer to this post for life-saving measures:
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    Fish CPR

    Been there. Done that. Works great.
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    Worst case auto-top off disaster

    All great ideas and great info. Apparently, this a nightmare event that could happen quite readily without proper safeguards. Thanks to all for your input.
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    Worst case auto-top off disaster

    Excellent idea. Is there such a device commercially available?
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    Worst case auto-top off disaster

    It's good to know that the SG wouldn't be as low as I would have thought. However, in the worst case scenario it could be up to 36 hours (on an away weekend) before it would be noticed. Something tells me I should expect a total crash?
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    Worst case auto-top off disaster

    I'm looking at my auto-top off system and trying to determine the worst case scenario. I've never been good with chemistry and math so I ask the experts of this esteemed forum for your input. System specs "¦. Salinity: 35ppt Total water volume (sump and display): 105 gallons...
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    Midas blenny with another blenny?

    I once had a bicolor and a Midas together. They shared the same hole. I guess that says it all.
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    ORA Stuber stag

    Stuber stags generally grow like a weed. Except for their blue growth tips, they remain rather drab and will eventually take up lots or "real estate" in your tank. In this case, the slow start may be caused by too much direct flow from your Tunze.
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    LED for 30" square SPS reef

    Call me easily duped, but I love the thunderstorm effects that some fixtures can create.
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    LED for 30" square SPS reef

    Once again, thanks to all. In the end, at this point in time, I've decided to keep my MH technology and try a 250w Radium lamp with the M80 ballast. I do love the growth an color I've been getting using MH. As they say ... "If it ain't broke don't fix it". In the long run, because I'm a...
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    LED for 30" square SPS reef

    Thanks to all for your input. For me,this is becoming a great lesson in LED reef lighting.