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    higher ph

    Try opening a window in the room and letting some fresh air aerate the tank. I had the same problem and this made things look so much better for me...the higher the CO2 levels in the tank the lower the PH goes...and in the summer when everything is closed up the partial pressure of CO2 in the...
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    Which pump???

    Setting up a 15g sump under my 46 and i have both a mag 5 and mag 7....not sure which one will be right for the return??? The overflow is the lifereef thats rated to 700g/hour...i know it could handel the mag 7...i just dont know if ill have a sand storm because of it?>??? One other ?....should...
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    My 1st Frag

    Deff not the last..
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    Anyone have Acan Maxima?

    What exactly is "acan"
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    low PH.. high alk low calcium what to do..

    I had the same problem...started leaving the window, that is right behind my tank, open for a few hours a day and the ph came back up and everything looked happy again... Ive been using a swing arm as i guess that i should think about double checking with a refractometer to be sure...
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    Coral Banded and Cleaner shrimp question

    Yea i too have both in my 46 and there is no porblem...i first added the CBS then a salley lightfoot a few months later...the CBS was pretty nastry, always chasing everything...then one day i woke up and looked in there and saw that the big boss man was missing one of his claw arms... My guess...
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    Calcium in top-off water?

    Sounds like a good idea to me
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    Bristleworms irritating zoa's?

    I always find my hermets sleeping in my zoos or on the branches of my tourch coral...
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    automatic daily water changes

    dont think that its going to be financialy worth it
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    my first water change

    Well rule of thumb says 20% a month...some do 5% a week and some do 10% bi-weekly... to each their own.... As for getting the water out, just put your tubing in front of one of your power heads to start the siphon...then your good to go!! Mix the water first, then by the time your ready to put...
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    are your fish getting enough oxygen?

    i have been having a problem with high CO2 levels in my tank which contributed to a low PH...since its summer the house has been closed up for a few months and i think that the CO2 levels are alittle high....once i started opening my window, that is behind the tank, for about an hour a day...
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    Best way to get rid of bubble alage??

    not too sure if this makes any sense but i had a cheap PC unit over my 46 and i was constantly pulling the bubble stuff out week after week...really got me depressed...then i upgraded to a nice mh unit with two 150s and its gone away since...not too sure if they correlate or not
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    A great refugium lightbulb, IMHO!

    just wanted to follow along
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    A Few questions for a 75 gallon tank

    Ive got a CCS 65 on my 46 and with bi-weekly h2o changes i keep everything very happy...nitrates and phosphates ~0 jmo