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  • Hi Danny, not sure if you got my previous pm, so sorry if you got too many from me.
    Do you offer a pack deal, I would like to get the following,

    Beside the list below do you happen to have any rainbow and sunset milllepora available
    please let me know the total price plus all the stuff below.

    Greg Hiller's jewel
    superman acro
    age of aquarium evening dress
    purple plasma

    pink lemon aid - would like a multi-branch if possible, let me know how much extra!

    What are size of each frags?
    How much is freight to Mountain View CA and when do you ship?

    Thanks a lot

    Hey mate can you please let me know when you have more frags available of :
    1.oregon tort
    2. WWC blueberry
    3. vivid rainbow delight
    4. Ultimate pink stag
    5. Tiki punch
    6. Purple plasma

    I will wait until you have them all and make a pack if that's ok

    Hey Danny it's me Enrique I bought the Vivids delight from you at rap, I'm looking for some frags and was wondering if you had any for sale, let me know.
    Thanks for all the frags buddy. I appreciate you throwing in those extra few for me. There all coloring up nicely. Thanks again :)
    Hello ESWGATO.
    You have some very nice corals there,but I cold not handle that many.I do not have a lot of room.
    I wonder if you could sell me just 2 of them.They would be Packman and Pink Dragon.If you would do it,how much shipped to Michigan. Thank you, Peter Goettner.
    My email:
    hey ill take frag #1 if it's still available. let me get your email for paypal. $10 paypal and $10 cash. can pickup today after work.
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