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  • Well I broke down and bought a bunch of Julie's stiff including her skimmer and sump. I'm gonna sell my acrylic unit. I need to chamber the 20 long. You were right about the MRC-1. It's sweet looking . Very sturdy and thick.
    hey mel its christian.. looks like i've finally become a true reefer.. i even joined a web site OMG..lol just sayin hi and letting you know im thinking of ya
    I spoke with you several months ago about coral trading at the coral reef. I have several purple monti and green monti cap that I would like to bring in if your guys still are interested in coral trades.
    hello.. I came into the store on Sunday the 17th and was just starting out with a 10gal tank. you helped us a great deal , so much that we came into the store again on monday and bought a 55 gal tank and stand that you all had , after we took the ever so little 10 gal tank back. lol...we fell in love with just the LR and the beauty of it all so quickly that we knew that the 10 gal wasnt enough..So we purchased the Sea Clone 100 skimmer plus we got the Rio Nano Skimmer we got off you that night , Koraii Nano 260 (which we bought another one) makes 2, 50 watt heater plus we bought a 150watt. We got reef crystals and came home and along with the bottle of stuff we got for our city water and we went to mix'n...lol.We mixed just as the guy there told us too...He was extremely helpful. i have a few questions..if i may. How long usually does it take for the water to clear up and what is a good book for beginners.
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