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    FS: 45 SC Aquariums, sump, stand, reactors, UV sterilizer and more

    been down that road before haha and selling because i do not have the time to devote to have it have it running as it should :(
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    FS: 45 SC Aquariums, sump, stand, reactors, UV sterilizer and more

    This is a complete set up that is ready for water, all you need is a light and you will be reefing! All equipment is a little over 1 year old unless otherwise stated in description... as you can see from the pics it has water and dry rock in it, it will come with the rock but the tank will be...
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    Algae Control Issue, Please Help!

    I have been checking into the product you posted and there seems to be a lot of positive reviews so far, and I was pretty much set on actually purchasing a bottle... I did not respond because I didn't want to quote your whole response, and take up a lot of space on the thread
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    Algae Control Issue, Please Help!

    thank you for your input, i am dosing the A&B to keep things up ready for more coral added shortly, its actually seemed to help a bit since i have started dosing... Water change is 10-15 gallons every 3 weeks
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    Algae Control Issue, Please Help!

    So little background on the tank, its been up and running for a little over four months now, took it slow, let it cycle for about 6 weeks, then added a fish here and a coral there, nothing crazy in the tank, but for the last two months or so i have had the worlds biggest problem with this algae...
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    Evokid's SCA 45 Custom Build

    And so the plumbing starts Mocking up the drain ( will be straight and white fittings ) Reactor Manifold Reactors in place Reactor drain partially run and return line mocked up thats all for now folks... will be updating on Monday
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    Evokid's SCA 45 Custom Build

    I forgot to take a better pic of the adjustable baffle and sponge holder but here is the top Getting there ( you can kind of see the baffles Passed a leak test All wrapped and it was also a sign to enjoy a nice ver Just seeing how the skimmer and pump would look Ditched the...
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    Evokid's SCA 45 Custom Build

    so I've been in the hobby for as long as I can remember but haven't had nice tank to be proud of set up in a long time :( so as I was debating on just settling and setting up a IM40 but really did not want an AIO again, I needed a nice set up and since the custom bug had but me and its been a...
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    My 3 gallon Mr. Aqua office tank

    tank is doing great, the BTA is thriving and getting huge, but I am having a slight algae breakout, thinking the light it a little too intense, but the BTA loves it so stuck between what to do ...will post a pic tomorrow
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    SC Aquariums Owners Thread

    Sorry to burst into this thread i am looking into the SCA 45 24x20x20 and im very curious to the location of the drain and return, which one is on the left and right???
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    IM 40 Reactor and UV Sterilizer pump

    Hey guys, I'm setting up my IM 40 and I would like to run a UV sterilizer and a carbon and GFO reactors, I do not want to run the in sump reactor that IM makes so I am going to plumb it into my stand, which is a custom stand I built... my question is which pump should I get to be strong enough...
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    i feed my shrimp every Mon - Wed - Fri and they basically know when its feeding time and coming running out, i feed them sinking pellets or some random frozen food
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    It's starting to come together

    i like the scape! what light are you going to be running? what are you planning on stocking it with, as far as livestock goes??
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    3gal JBJ

    what are you planning on stocking it with? and what filter are you running?