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  • Your inbox is full. Thank you for your help and keeping tabs on a wrasse rookie like me. I think the Flame Angel in the 25 with her might be responsible. Unfortunate for me and her, I have nowhere else to house him so he might get put in an isolation box tomorrow. We will see how a time out works.
    hi hunter, I am in the process of researching fish for my 75 gallon build and heard you are the resident wrasse expert. my question is, would it be possible to keep 2 or 3 halichoeres in this aquarium?
    Ok.. They will let me know the price tomorrow. But wow they have 8 available. Why are so many of them in the trade actually?
    Hi Hunter.. Wow there are now 8 diamond tail flashers available.. What would you say.. Is it best just to get a single one?
    Hi Hunter.. thanks for sharing your experience. its a 360g tank :) so it shod be no problem i guess.

    What do you say is it easier to keep a red or a yellow tail tamarin? Ive seen that the yellow tail gets bigger. But is it possible that the red tail is more sensitive?
    Hi Hunter

    A friend of mine asked me if he can keep a group of 3 H. chrysus. I told him that I will ask you this questiom to clarify :)

    What would you say, is that possible?
    Ok thats fine. Thank you for your advice.. A friend want to add a group of them as the only wrasses in the tank.
    Hi Hunter. Hope everythings fine.. May ai ask you a short question about the c. lubbocki? Is this specimen best kept in a group, as a pair or just as a single one in a tank? I read they are not aggressive and are one of the smallest cirrhilabrus. thank you! :)
    Thank you Hunter! So if I get a female Earmuff she will turn male, good news! I like the pinky color they have. Will order one for sure :)
    Hi Hunter.. Happy new year! :) Can you tell me if a female Earmuff wrasse turn male? I am not sure if Halichoeres can change. I want to order one but I dont know if they ship a male or a female.
    I've had 3 tanks and 2 deaths since 2003. The present aquarium has a canopy, but does not cover the overflow where the 3rd fish landed. I should have asked with what do you use to 'protect' such an expenisve investment.

    Thanks for the advice and link
    looking to get in to wasses for my 90 any info would be great looking at scott's exquisite, solorensis.
    hi! I see you have posted about wrasses all over the place and i thought you might be able to answer my question. Ive had a Hoevens wrasse for about 3 weeks or so now and it has not once come out of the sandbed to swim around. Hes still alive because when i clean the tank he shoots out of the sand and then straight back under it. Do you have any tips to get him to come out? I was thinking of scooping him up and letting him hang out in a little breeder container in the tank. or putting him in quarantine without sandbut plenty of rocks so he can get use to it. Any thoughts?
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