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    Hydra issue with white LEDs

    Thank you for the info. No I haven't taken it apart yet. I am, however, thinking the board as well. After all it is both of the pucks that have the white channel on them so it should be something common to that channel as a whole. I am debating though if I should just pony up for the 52...
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    Hydra issue with white LEDs

    The white LEDs on my original version AI Hydra (pre 52) are not coming on. All other colors are working. The light still goes thru it's normal lighting cycle. The whites do not even come on when I go into the individual light settings. Has anyone had this issue before? Or have any things I...
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    prepping for water change

    I keep mine covered and flowing. Unless you have largely dirtier air around the drums then you do around your tank then I would not worry about it.
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    Some colors of my SPS tank

    Wow, very nice tank.
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    Flooded basement again....

    Neat idea but I know for me with my 45g container that thing would turn off long before my container is full. A float valve in the container and an auto-shut off set up on the RODI unit lets my RODI unit run as long as needed and then shuts off when my container is full.
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    Tempered Glass

    OP are you sure that your tank is not a Tetra tank?
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    Tempered Glass

    This link matches my experience with my Aqueon 40br. The tank has 8 holes in the bottom of it and has been been running for 3 years or so. I know that the Tetra's that Petco now sells instead of the Aqueons have tempered bottoms.
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    star board or black acrylic for bare bottom?

    What are you trying to protect it from? My bare bottom tank is covered in coralline algae.
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    Spectrapure Maxcap (better than all others) ??

    When comparing prices look at the included features of each. Things like 2 dual TDS meters or just one, what micron filters or rejection rate, pressure gauge included or not, qty and type of stages etc etc. For example the Maxcap 90 comes with 2 dual inline TDS meters where as (at least...
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    34 Solana build thread

    Haha I knew WHAT it was for ;). I am wondering why you went so high?
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    URGENT - New aquarium acceptability - edges rounded in some areas.

    Don't accept the tanks. It is poor craftsmanship here. Like you said the 3 crystal glass panes are polished perfectly so you know they could have done that too all the panes on both tanks.
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    34 Solana build thread

    Looking good. I was half tempted to pick up that tank at that price and I too would have removed that internal filtration wall. I have a question though. Why did you choose that height for the drain hole?
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    problem with lighting code, ramp up.

    Glad you got it figured out. Just for future info, with a matching start and end intensity you could have the ramp time be stated as the entire on time and there would be no intensity differences/changes. But having it set to 0 doesn't hurt. Now if you had a ramp time of 0 yet still had the...
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    Simple, no 2x4 Stand Build

    Very nice work on that stand.
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    problem with lighting code, ramp up.

    In your profile for full on your blues is your starting and ending intensity the same? If your start intensity is 0 then this could be your problem.