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  • I'll take the reefbrites and paypal you the 120 but I would have to pick them up friday? Let me know
    Hey Wade,

    I'm not sure if you ever got a chance to check out Sea Splendor up in Fairfield for some of their zoos. I got 2.5 heads of their bright yellow zoos at about $20 a head before I went out of town. My wife recently sent me a fuzzy picture of it and it has about 8 heads I could make out, hopefully there will be more when I get back and that the color is as vibrant as when I left. When it spreads out to the other disks I'd like to give you a call so I can bring it down for your planned zoo garden. The last time I went to Sea Splendor, most of their pricey zoos were not looking that great and were definitely not worth spending $20 a head for, things there may be different now but but some of their acans and zoos were not looking so hot at the time. I'll let you know when these yellow zoos are ready for you. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    Sorry im new to this forum so It will not allow me to reply to private messages. If you have any cool hermit crabs I'm willing to make a trade.
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