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    DC8 outlet help

    Does anyone have a source for the receptacles inside the plug component of the DC8. I looked and keep coming back to "send in for repair" when I just want to put in clean contacts before putting back into service.
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    Fragging a Leather toadstool

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    Anyone had much luck with man made live rock? Pages and pages of different "recipes" that people have used. With several friends we've done various batches, but can shape to whatever you want. Only real negative is that they can be pretty dense.
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    How do you know if starfish is eating enough?

    Chances are, he's fine. They're pretty good about getting all the loose bits of food around and with spot feeding, it's probably fairly well off.
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    Goniporia house Percula clown bad ?!?!

    If you haven't noticed anything negative from it, there's no reason to worry about it unless you don't like the appearance of it. If it is disturbing it, can you move the goniporia? Maybe the clown has decided on that territory and the coral had just got caught up there
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    Hmm, how many posts to take a page on a profile?

    Hmm, how many posts to take a page on a profile?
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    Mountains of sawdust (360g plywood, LED, Arduino build)

    no kiddin. the static on those is vicious...
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    beer thread

    lol.....I only sport sober. Maybe a couple beers while fishing, but that's it. So bear related, i'm taking a portable setup to my mom's of a homebrew (a hefe, hopped beer). sounds gross, but is really good
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    beer thread

    Burton, it was the one from that MT Dew contest
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    beer thread

    check out what I won the other day. Any thoughts on decent bindings to go with it?
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    OT: Time Warner Roadrunner

    wow, in the stny segment I think they made a booboo with setting up new equipment at their offices. It appears there are no bandwidth limits currently. my buddy sent me a picture the other day of a speedtest netting him 20mb down and 1mb up.
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    beer thread

    Hit up Wegmans....They've added a decent selection. Southern Tier has a bunch of good brews with the IPA and Imperials being VERY good (and a decent porter from what i've been told but am not a fan of them). If you like darker and still drinkable, try Saranac's Black Forest. Flying dog's...
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    The Real Buffalo frag swap Sat. March 28th

    I dont' know. You look like you may be coming down with something. Maybe you should take that weekend off as a precaution....
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    The "cuse"

    it was fun to watch. If harris had made any of the 10 layups in OT it woulda been over
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    NYS Tax Returns

    plus the high speed ensures jobs at certain rail plants in the southern tier :)