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    Ou Oh -Tank Broke!

    I was thinking in terms of overflows, sensors, and relays. I have a sump, refugium in the lower level (downstairs), so it would be good to shut off the power to the lift-pump in the future should the tank malfunction. I've heard of level sensors in case the overflow clogs. Also, I'm...
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    Ou Oh -Tank Broke!

    Hm, now how did you know that I bought off CL? :headwally:
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    Ou Oh -Tank Broke!

    After 4 years, my 110 gallon tank broke at 2am in the morning. The center plastic support was broken and I was in the process of upgrading to a 150g tank. Apparently, I wasn't fast enough or the tank broke for another reason. After putting new sheet rock on the downstairs ceiling, I'm a...
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    Welcome. Or, should I say, you poor bastard? Too late now. You have the addiction. No cure, sorry.
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    Running carbon?

    I started with a mesh bag in my sump. Just put in the flow and it will do a reasonable job. Just be sure to wash off any dust with some RO/DI water and then flip it over occasionally.
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    Why Wait On Adding New Mixed Water?

    Interesting. I just mix up a new batch right after a WC and let it sit for 2 weeks. It's always good to have some saltwater on hand, so if there is an emergency, I can add it. Not sure about the caustic non-dissolved salt argument as I've never seen any convincing data on it. Maybe true...
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    New Maroon Clown Fish Hiding / turning into a girl?

    6g is way to small for maroons. I have a solitary female that is about 3 inches and she's very aggressive with the other fish. I have a 110g and trying to find time to upgrade to a 150g.
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    RO/DI is already out 100 gallons later?

    I'd agree with Travis. I have terrible city well water and my RO knocks it down to 7ppm which I consider excellent. How big is your DI cartridge? If it's one of those little ones, I'd say your doing good. I'd buy one of these: I wait for one to exhaust and then refill and flip. The...
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    Growth on Gil

    I have a pair of mated 4 stripe damsels. They are the largest specimens that I've seen, so I'd guess the larger one is over a decade old. Not sure. The fish eats, does a mating dance every evening before lights out, and the pair spawns regularly every 2 months or so. However, over the...
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    Average water evaporation

    Very normal. After a year, I automated the make up water and added a kalk water reactor to supply calcium with the water.
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    Acrylic Cement will ship it for $16 for 4 oz. I live in the boonies, so no luck on a plastic shop.
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    Acrylic Cement

    RTFM, I get it. But, a phone book? wow, that brings back memories....
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    Acrylic Cement

    Lowe's didn't have it. Does anybody know a local hardware store with it? Just drilled my first tank. 150g. I'm so proud. :rollface:
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    Chaeto - normal to double in size in 4 days?

    Star temps are in Kelvin, so you had it right. 10K and 20K, are shorthanded to mean, 10,000K and 20,000K, respectively.
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    Chaeto - normal to double in size in 4 days?

    They pull in dissolved organics as well as nitrates/phosphates. There is no way to measure these. (Also, not all dissolved organics can be pulled out by your skimmer.)