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  • Hello,

    I was told to give you a shout by Dave (taylor t). I have been out of the hobby for a while but I believe we have chatted prior, sorry I don’t remember. I purchased LED kits from LEDLights and Dave says that I would have gotten them through you, again I can’t remember.

    The reason for this message is the not the LEDs, as I am still waiting for the shop to drill my heat sinks, but I am interested in purchasing two or more EcoTech units and he says you’re the guy to see.

    I use to have a closed loop system in my 300g but I am taking that out. I do have a Wave box that is in there but wasn’t really happy with the results. So the EcoTech looks like what I am looking for.

    First, help a guy that can’t remember ****, did we chat in the past, and are the LEDs from you?

    Second, are you the guy for the EcoTechs and if so what would you recommend.

    Thanks in advance......
    Jim MC
    I just noticed a picture you posted of your tank in a forum. That silver panel you have that holds up your light.. Where did you get that and what is it? Please get back with me through a private message thank you!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss , I know what your going thru , & if I can help in any way just let me know , even if it's just for you to have someone to just talk to
    my e-mail is
    sometimes life throws you a curve, these are real hard times 4 you as you know , but as time goes on, it will get better, but there will always be hard days
    please feel free to write
    My wife & I lost are only child 11 years ago , when she was 4, so I do know what your going thru, not sure if I can say anything to give you peace , but I'm willing to try

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