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    OT: for you nerdy types....

    Interesting indeed. Nice find.
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    Ding Dang Milli?

    Got it but suffered thru my surgery so the color is hurting don't wanna move it like that. if in 1-2 months you are still looking hit me up, she'll be ready by then.
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    Geo Kalkwasser Rector FS

    I've got to save some space and need more important equipment for my tank so I'm going to let this go. Excellent condition, New maxi jet 600 6 months at most for 15 secs twice a day. Asking $150. Over $300 new. For pics PM your number. I'll try to update thread with pics ASAP. I'll give all the...
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    FS: GEO frag swap tank and AI Prime

    interested in just the tank would you split?
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    Pair of MP60Ws for sale.

    As the tittle states I'm selling a pair of MP60Ws. Price $600 OBO. Pumps are in good working order. Will come with a pair of thick spacers which are used for 1/2" glass or less. Will post pics later if interested PM for faster pics.
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    On off switch with delay turn on

    The best way is APEX or another type of controller. IT's a bit of money but it adds to the fail safes you might already have in place.
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    Cheato in Miami?

    You can have it for free.
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    Cheato in Miami?

    I'm in hialeah. PM if you wanna stop by today.
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    On off switch with delay turn on

    You want this switch for the return pump or all the pumps?
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    automatic water change

    Stenner as well here. Installed outside. Still great. Work horse.