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  • Greetings Fishgate,

    I want to THANK you for the video, 'How to tune a 125g RR megaflow into a Herbie/Bean. By any chance do you have the design requirement written out that i could cheat from. I have looked at the video and froze it to look at your set up but figured I would ask and try to make my life a touch easier. :) Thanks in advance. I have a 150 and I want to use that same exact set up to avoid having to drill my tank. While I know it is safe I am not going to do it lol

    I'd love it but not in a place where I can take them at the moment. I have ear-marked the 120 for sea horses as well and I still am planning on nuking the 125. Did you get it yet? It is pretty stressful to ship fish not sure it would take a double-shipping anyway. Where are you located? I am in MD.
    I will keep a eye out on a daily basis multiple times a day on the aiptasia. It could take several more weeks till I can rule out that they've done the job. I actually made a special order today on a matted file fish. I don't really need it, because my tank is for seahorses, and regret the order, would you consider buying it off me for the same price I paid?
    Hey, I have a update on the nudibranch. I purchased 6 from reeftown. At first I really didn't notice a difference of the aiptasia being eaten, except for 1 big one. I want to say its going on 2 weeks now, and now all i could say is wow. They're doing a good job, unfortunately I only see 2 or 3 nudibranches, and can find all 6. Unless they hide or what not. Don't know if some of them died, like I said I see 2-3 all the time, and see a major difference. Don't nuke ur tank and give these little guys a shot. They're kind of expensive, but reeftown sells them cheaper then the other sites, plus way better then starting all over again. All they eat is aiptasia...........
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