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  • Please send me a PM, I do not want to send my email via a publicly visible channel. Your PM inbox is full.
    The MP40's were purchased new about 18 months ago. I don't have the original packaging so I cannot pull the manufacture date. But they are the newest models. If you look at the images posted in my thread you can see the info page from the reeflink the pumps were attached to that provide the full details of the pumps.
    I also really just want the tank to go to a home without having to move it with me. I don’t want to break it.
    I bought it about a year ago. It has been set up since last July. Glass is perfect. I built the stand myself and painted it with conversion varnish- same paint I used on my kitchen cabinets! It’s a very clean tank. The sump is amazing. It makes a triggers sump look rinky dink.
    I'm interested in the wp25 if u still have it. Can pick up any time today also located in Elk Grove.
    Hey John

    Unfortunately the razor does not have those features. Its pretty much all power with no frills. I do really like mine tho. The pros are that it's really powerful and a TON of light compared to the price. It's an actual 'fixture' as appose to the 'pendents' most other LED's come in. The fixture is super slim and looks really sleek; one of the sexiest fixtures on the market in my opinion. And the color of the 16k is great.

    The cons are....
    no cloud/thunder features. unable to change out/upgrade/play with spectrum.

    all-in-all i love mine and think that for the price, its one of the best on the market.
    The multi pair, and the potters. If you take the gray, and I take the small striped, we can see what he'd do. His first priority is to move them all at once. What do u think?
    which ones? I was looking at that yellow hybrid and maybe the pair of dwarfs :). Which ones were you interested in?
    Hey did you still want xenia and mushrooms. If you do call me 9165412143. I have a green shroom free floating right now. Let me know. Free but you have to pick it up. Frank
    Sorry I was busy today. I will make your payment on Friday. I bought new lights last week and that was all the money I had in my pay pal account.
    I would join ya, only issue is that I dont get paid until the late next week. I was looking at their site and found
    Its "Ricordea Yuma, Assorted Color" 7-12 polyps for 49.99 I would even be willing to get one and split it?

    I would be able to come and meet you in Elk Grove late next week, or next weekend. Let me know what you think, and what the possibility is of splitting stuff like that.

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