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    Frag Farmer's Market 2014 !!!!

    It was great seeing everyone! It's amazing how far this event and club had come!
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    Frag Farmer's Market 2014 !!!!

    I'm heading in last minute from Brooklyn! It'll be great to see some familiar faces!
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    FS - Setosa

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    ID help

    Got a better picture with less actinics? Looks like A. echinata to me. But could be a favia as well. There aren't really many markers in that photo
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    fishkid's 29g biocube build.

    Yo man. Yeah. I've been here since July. It's going really well! Except I broke my tank down before the move and haven't set one back up yet. I know it'll happen soon though. Haha. And I agree about the rock. I think I see the look you're going for and I think you'll accomplish it with a...
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    Do not buy from reefs 2 go

    It's possible either way. I guess the only way to know for sure is to get rid of the isopods. Sounds like it's time for some interceptor
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    fishkid's 29g biocube build.

    Glad to see you back, Matt :p
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    fish supplier favortism ?

    No. Not really. But different stores do have different suppliers.
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    well i went to Greenwich aquaria

    Guess you'll still be looking for the pipes then, huh mike?
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    A friend want in on the hobby. Looking for stuff.

    I have a 36" current 2X250 watt and 4X39 watt t5 if they'd be interested. Not the same length, but you'd get enough spread and certainly enough light if he ever wanted to do reef. I was going to set it up but am moving soon so I need to get rid of it. 250
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    lps id/maybe green slimer?

    Not a pagoda. It's a hydnophora, which is generally considered an sps, though you'll see it labeled as an lps from time to time. It's certainly pretty easy to keep for an sps. High light and high flow will make it grow quickly and give it an insanely green color.
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    I declare War apon thee manjo anem....

    Also wondering if it will affect acrylic. Anyone know? Also, I want one. :thumbsup:
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    Coherent Coralite

    How did you make the one you're using now and where did you get the materials?
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    Food for corals

    "Will trade food for corals"