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  • Hey u can always email me at or call or text at 9545598005. Hope all is well. I go to orlando very often i stay in downtown area.
    Still would like you to make the crawfish party. We are getting 120lbs flown in. John said you had visitors and that is fine to bring them. He was concerned about them being under aged. No problem we have ages of 1 and up coming.
    It's a bit funky on my side as well. When I went to my PM box yesterday I saw your message flash for a second and then it was gone. It showed up today though. The crawfish at my house will be May 15th if you can make it. How the numbers on your tank going?
    Dammit missed your B day! Hey you are older than me. HEE HEE .Tell mister aquapants to give me a call. I got a unusual job for him.
    Hi Adrienne this is Andy again sorry Mutty. I have been doing alot better been going to counseling and meetings to get better from my accident. I want to apologize again to you and your husband and please accept my apologies. I will make it up to you guys doesn't have to be anything about buying you guys anything but I would love to help with anything like aquarium related or anything you guys might need help with. Remember i gave you advice about your calve workout I hope it's doing good for you. Please respond anything even if you still hate me I am really truly sorry guys. I don't know what else to say.
    Hey fish wanted to say hi and that hope everything is well and with your son. Hey I'm sure he'll learn he just growing up very young last I spoke to you he was being rude and disrespectful to your husband. He'll learn just make sure you keep giving him alot of love.
    hi adrienne all i want to say is that even though i dont get back into reefcentral is i apologize . to you and to ure husband. I'm sorry.
    Hi Adrienne I don't want to bother you I do strongly want to get back on reefcentral. I was very honest when i came to work and told Jim that it was me thinking maybe he'll think about it. He just said go away which defintely felt very bad. I am on my meds now and feel a new man. Very respectful I can see you guys banning me for a few days till I get back to normal but please don't ban me for good. I am really a nice guy and will not want to cause people to feel bad please help.
    Adrienne I really want to be part of reefcentral and I enjoy talking to you guys about new things BTW I found a site to chat about politics to be honest I don't like it LOL I now prefer to keep my mouth shut and let everyone just be since we are all different but the same in many ways and we have this great hobby in common. Hope all is well for you guys and would still like to meet someday. Thanks guys. Andy aka Mutty.
    Hey Adrienne and John how have you guys been. I have been banned from reefcentral and learned that it is a family chatroom. I finally understand. I would like to return if you guys are o.k. with it. I am going to be a mature adult about being in there since I am getting back into reefing. I miss you guys.
    Hi adriene this is mutty can you unban me please I promise I won't say anything about anything but reef talk. Thank you.
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