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    Pictures of my 90g 4 months old...

    did you make your sump or buy it?if so what is the name? im looking to get a new sump and i like that design and dimensions alot.
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    sps frag tank t5 lighting

    thanks for all the responses. mr right- how is the fixture handling the sps? also does the sundial have independent switches for the actinic and daylight bulbs? this fixture will be on a 12 inch deep tanks max
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    sps frag tank t5 lighting

    nice. does the sundial have built in fans? also what is the difference between the nova extreme pro and the sundial? it seems that the sundial has so many more features for less price.
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    sps frag tank t5 lighting

    Hello, Any recommendations on a 24 inch 4 bulb x 24 watt fixture for a 10-15 gallon sps frag tank? Ive looked at all the outer orbit fixtures- the 24 inch sundial fixture looks appealing, but there are so many options. For referance, i am looking for a mid range fixture, nothing to shabby or...
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    40 breeder 4x39 wave point or 6x39 current USA?

    I'd go with the 6x39. You'd have alot more freedom imo especially if you want to have any sps
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    In sump frag tank

    Hello, I am in the midst of planning a 48 inch 120 gallon aquarium. As such, i am essentially limited to a 36 inch sump design. Additionally i cannot have any external sump/tanks to plumb to the system. The question is, i want to incorporate a frag tank section directly into the center of my...
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    octopus in a 120- 170 gallon setup

    hey everybody, I know this question may have been asked before- so sorry in advanced.. What are the benefits of a recirulating skimmer over an in sump skimmer. I am thinking of purchasing this skimmer (an octopus skimmer) for a new 120-170 gallon setup-...
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    Tank of the Month - October 2009

    very nice tank! How are the 150 watt halides working for you in the tank. i think it said your tank was 23 inches deep. i am looking to put 2 150 watt halides and 4 54 watt t5's over a 24 inch tall 120 gallon dominated sps tank. It seems as if the 150 watt bulbs are in fact powerful enough which...
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    120 halides

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of upgrading from a 48 inch 60 gallon aquarium to a 48 inch 120 gallon aquarium (48x24x24) . The lights i currently have are the outer orbit hqi- t5 combo at 48 inches of length for a total of 516 watts i think. The only problem is that the halides are only...
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    my skimmer is sucking

    on my 60 gallon, i get very little skimmate from my h and s rated for 100 gallons, not recirculating. is the problem that i have 2 chemi pures and 1 purigen before the skimmer in my sump? i also have my chaeto next to the skimmer because my sump is small, only 10 gallons so it is packed. Thanks...
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    Tank Crash

    i would start over, and if you wanted to upgrade ever it would be a great time to do it
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    aquarium silicone VS. regular Home Depost Silicone?

    think- is it better to get 8 dollors of silicone or take the chance of hundreds of dollors of corals dieing if it is not aquarium safe?
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    How to catch my bicolor Angelfish

    number 3 is misspelled after 1 week it will become use to seeing the bottle and either come to nip on the coral or clean the bottle off of algae.
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    How to catch my bicolor Angelfish

    ok i had the same problem with my coral beuty and my clam. 1. get a 2 liter soda bottle and cut out one end 2. put coral in bottle. place the bottle so that the fish can get in the bottle. 3. after 1 week it will become use top seeing the bottle and either come to nip on the coral or clean...