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    Tang id help

    I'm not seeing a picture
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    cleaner shrimp eating all fish food

    Get a (very) small cup like a Dixie cup and put hot water in it. Put your cube in the cup, wait a minute-ish, and then stir it with a coffee/tea stirring stick or something similar. Then the peices will all be broken up and it will be easy for everyone to get food since nobody can take a clump...
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    Clown pair w/ carpet anemone?

    Story: So basically I went out of town for a month and around 3 weeks into my trip, there was some sort of power surge or something by one of my tanks that sparked up and melted the outlet + burned a small hole in the wall. Thankfully my house didn't burn down, but the outlet had all the cords...
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    Easiest Fish to Add???

    If the tank is 8 years old it's extremely established. Something is probably wrong with filtration, water params, parasites, over feeding, etc, though I rarely test water or anything so I can't help you out with that. Fish like fire fish are usually pretty easy, it's strange that they're dying...
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    Struggling with cyano bacteria!!

    Man I hate cyano. I had the same problem two years ago. It absolutely covered everything. No matter what it will take a while to get rid of, but what you have to do is 1) Cut way down on the lighting. Try to only have 7-8 hours instead of 11. Corals only need 7-8 hours as well and it will help...
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    Let's try again!

    Oh man I'm surprised any things alive in there with a salinity of 1.012. Corals and inverts need at around 1.025 and fish can go lower but not that low. It won't cause harm just don't do it to fast and shock anything.
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    Help I d this

    Sorry that sucks. Idk what it is but my blue tang got it 3 years ago and the marks never left. He got it all over his face and spine though, it was pretty ugly.
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    Which Dwarf Angel would you pick for a trio in a 90 gal?

    Flame, potters, or coral beauties. Why only them though?
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    Clown Mating Questions

    I've got a 75 gallon FOWLR tank with a few fish including a black and white clown. He/she is hosting a large carpet anemone. What I'm wondering is if I add another clown will they pair together? Spawning would be great but the first step is just getting them together. Is it true that clowns...
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    Clownfish help.....please

    Hmm. Well it's not an aggressive fish and the parameters are good. It's probably just the tank cycling. Under a month old is very young, so it could just be like the tank going through its phases. Did you cycle with live sand or live rock and/or add bacteria like stability? If it's the tank...
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    Bangaii Cardinals Pellet food?

    Really? I didn't expect these comments. Simply because my bangaii cardinals eat everything I put in the tank. Flakes, pellets, live, frozen, everything. Not only that, but all the bangaii cardinals I've had in the past have taken all types of food also. Am I just very lucky or doing something...
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    Please ID these new dark purple growth

    ^ that's probably the issue
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    Clownfish help.....please

    I can't load the video but if the gills are flared somethings probably up. It could be a lot of things. Have you tested the water yet? High ammonia or other problems could be causing this, though if the other fish are fine it doesn't seem that likely since clowns are super hardy. What other fish...
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    how not to start a tank

    Eventually your at least gonna have to do water changes. Just saying.