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  • I have recently moved to ohio an I know there's fish collector in an around lauderdale Cuz I lived there for 10 years but my question is I have started a salt water shop in ohio customize an cleaning an setups. Ohio has alot of frags but no good Florida riccorida or any fish an was wondering how could I add to my collection up here. The last Simi decent angel up here was 190.00 an it looked under weight. So is there some one I can hook up with down there.*
    Hey - Thank you again for offering up to hold the fish - it was very nice and very generous - i really do appreciate it - unfortunately they didn't make it. I now am the proud owner of a container full of texas holy rock covered with what was awesome purple calc algae and decaying green star polyps. Everything else was lost. Oh and a tank full water that will be drained soon and a sand bed that will be rinsed and ready for the next version of my tank ... i will be back! Thanks again!!! -Adam
    my email is samstersam@gmail.com. i am interested in your blueberry ASAP. i have xenia frags, zoa frags and an sps frag. all of which id trade for your blueberry if you contact me and trade today, because i have a seller i will see in a few days.
    Hi Tom,

    I thought I sent a message a few minutes ago but don't know where it went.
    The RBTA I though was a goner now looks fine and is growing a mouth. It is 4 or 5 inches.
    If you want it, let me know. $25 or trade if you have something.


    The small RBTA I had with no mouth is growing one.

    Now that I know it is OK, it's yours if you want it. Pick it up, or I can bring to next meeting..

    I'll trade for anything interesting that is not brown or green.

    Chaeto received- this was prompt and much more than two fistfulls- thank you so much!! Such a healthy and well-packed purchase- thank you so much!
    hey wats up i was wondering if u put the order in for the led light i met u at steves store GC reef. Did u get the designed changed and how many would i need for a 72" tank, and whats the price on them? My name is Enrique and my cell is 631-664-3321
    actually the tank I have it growing in is at the seaford movie theater. I'll be there bagging up some orders today if you want to meet me.
    516-343-3412 Tom
    where are the island are you? i'm in seaford. i could come pick some up if not too far. could save on shipping..especially that nobody sells it around here
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