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  • Russell
    You guys bring in any eight line flashers with this weeks order?
    Next time you're working, can you check and see what price you could get the pom pom crabs for? Also, I'd like to get the red variety, not the pink. I may also get an anemone crab too, and not sure if you guys have them in stock. I figure you'll probably pull up the message at work, so if you can, give me a shout at 556-1195 and let me know what you find out. I'm not asking for work stuff on personal time, so don't think I'm doing that. I just know my memory, and if you find something good, I may see if you can get it in this week or in the next order.

    hey buddy now i can talk on here to ya. this is chad by the way i am sure u know that. i should be going by daves soon hopefully. let me know if u want anything.
    hehe well im going to go ahead and frag her up and get her healed up a little bit. I understand my monti isnt that big either so it wil not be a big fraggle :)
    Found the message. Evidently it doesnt email me to let me know when you reply on your page. Anyways, i would be down for a llittle swappage. My Jedi Mind trick is really just now starting to take off but I can get you a smaller frag though. I don't need big piece of the forest fire either (don't really have room for a big piece either). Just let me know when I good time to trade would be and I can bring the frag over to AM after I leave work that day.
    hey seth yea its taking off for me hows about a trade for that sexy jedi mind trick?
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