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    Return Pump Suggestions

    Check out marine depot or bulk reef supply for pan world pressure rated pumps.
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    Safe way to remove superglue? Works well.
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    What fan on Canopy/Stand?

    I use 2 120mm fans blowing in to my canopy.
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    How do you guys feel about a wrasse as the first fish

    Bird netting works at HD and lowes, doubling it up makes smaller squares for smaller fish.
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    Red soft turfy algae

    Okay, small diameter acrylic tube with a plastic brush attached to the end and attach a vinyl hose to it. Syphon it out as you brush it. I've done it long ago and it worked. Hey, that's the best I could come up with! Lol
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    Adding Kno3 (Potassium Nitrate)?

    I have dosed Kno3 and still have some in solution in a gallon jug. Always had 0 No3 and Po4 and was feeding heavy. Took several days of dosing to get it up to detectable. Now I keep it at 10ppm and po4 at trace and hardly ever dose it now. "maybe buying 3 pounds of the stuff was overboard" Yes...
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    Red soft turfy algae

    Tried a tooth/stiff bristle brush on it?
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    Green film algae.

    Just let the tank go and you should have it in no time. Lol just kidding. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Seeking advice/alternatives

    If it's a temp tank, just silicone a piece of glass over the hole and drill a new hole in a different location. If it's to be more of a permanent tank install, drilling a larger hole around the existing hole could be done. Carefully.
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    Red soft turfy algae

    Got the same stuff on one of my overflows because of sun light coming into our living room in the afternoon when the blinds are up. My tomini loves it. I second taking the rock out and hydrogen peroxide solution the offending area. Should work.
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    How do you guys feel about a wrasse as the first fish

    Depending on the size of wrasse, small fairies especially, they may get through the egg crate. Build a screen top. Everything you need to make one is at HD or lowes. Cheep and will let more light into the tank than egg crate.
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    Basement clean out sale.

    Thanks Darrell, the RW 15 works great! Thanks for letting me see your tanks.
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    Big issue.

    My wife can be a firecracker at times, but she understands that the tank is my hobby. She's helped me numerous times with it when I needed someone's help holding something, lifting etc...... but it's still "my thing". Attempts to include her over the years in it leads to her just not wanting to...