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    tomini tang size question

    This Tomini is still alive and well, and still the exact same size as when I posted this thread 9 1/2 years ago. The fish is at least 13 at this point.... haha Bringing it back from the dead again
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    What tort might this be?

    Thats not an Oregon. Its a cali or similar. Polyps can turn anywhere from green to as dark of a blue as the flesh in different systems
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    The predator- Eunicid worm

    you really need to double think breaking down the entire tank to get this guy out unless you intend on breaking up all of your rocks to smithereens, or drying it all out enough in hopes of it/them bailing ship(which doesnt always work) you will most likely not be successful at anything other...
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    How long can SPS be out of H2O?

    a lot of it has to do with your ambient room temp as well, as if it drastically different than your tank water, you will be potentially doing massive differences fast when you put it back in for instance, if you have an air conditioned room or fish room, you need to be real careful you dont...
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    salinity calibration fluid confusion

    I dont see it as very likely at all that anyone would take a few samples out and replace weiht fresh...but you never know regardless.......I have since made my own(with a marginal scale) and purchased 3 additional new ones. 2 pinpoints and a milwaukee. If, for conversation purposes, we call...
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    RC frag packs

    Hey guys......came across this I ALWAYS pack with that little amount of water. If there were losses...especially multiple problems I assure you it had nothing to do with how little water was used, nor with the fact that they were fresh cuts. If you read my feedback losses are surely not...
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    salinity calibration fluid confusion

    heres a question: Has anybody ever experienced, or even heard of a brand new Pinpoint salinity calibration fluid that was off??
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    salinity calibration fluid confusion

    Thanks Randy :) quote: "I agree the tank water will read low if some of the standard evaporated"?? did you say what you meant there, as that isnt what I or disc said?? If the standard evaporated, the salinity of the calibration solution would raise, and if you referenced this so would...
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    salinity calibration fluid confusion

    yep hence my position of doubting everything at this point new solution read 1.028 to two different refractometers calibrated to the old solution......which IF accurate puts my systems all at 1.024, and furthermore means I have been maintaining parameters unbalanced to salinity in all of my...
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    I whent diving today

    Its always refreshing to meet a glass half full kinda guy :lol:
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    Is this Canister Filter worth $75?

    I dont even know what that is but it's unecessary rock/flow/skimmer thats it ;) BRS media reactor for carbon/gfo
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    How to fix a Yuma on a stone?

    forget the plastic net method. Im not saying it wont work, but there is a much better way get a small tupperware container and riddle it with large holes or cut wide slits all over in it sides and top. Holes as big as you can get without it escaping and preferrably a clear top. Put a bunch...
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    salinity calibration fluid confusion

    distilled isnt going to help figure anything out I could go to the effort of following Randys method to make my own calibration fluid, and probably will anyway to get another view. But I have always counted on pinpoint being accurate, and simply dont know what to believe at this point. If...
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    Is this Canister Filter worth $75?

    they are trying to sell you something you dont need either due to simply making a sale, or not knowing themselves A little bit of live rock and decent flow through it along with your skimmer is all that is needed. A media reactor as I suggested before can be hlepful for running carbon or...
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    Sedra 2000 pump shutting off

    sounds like a short on most pumps, if not in warranty for replacement it may just be th end of the road and time for a new pump. Many times when this happens you can get them to go for extended periods of time by hitting them or pulling back and forth on the cord until it connects, but in...