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    I have returned! (Maybe)

    Thanks! just got done watching this: It looks like LEDs can be pretty expensive if done right.
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    I have returned! (Maybe)

    I was super active here a decade ago. Built a huge reef tank, ran it for years. Became a slave to it, then tore it all down. I was unhappy with the amount of manual daily maintenance required. After being reef free for 10 years, (and just having a small fresh water planted tank), I walked into...
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    I'm back!

    LED tech was pretty nascent last I checked. it's powerful and cool now?
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    I'm back!

    Some of you may remember me from 2005-2010, I got heavy into reef keeping, building my own tank, sump, and furniture. I invested about 13K in it all, and then became a slave to my tank spending hours a day on it. I got sick of it and exited the hobby. I parted all my equipment and fragged my...
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    24G Nano System -Just took down, needs a good home

    Thank you for you interest Julio. I just got done going through all my private messages, and I have it reserved now for the first reefer who contacted me. I'll let you know if it falls through though. Cheers Josh
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    24G Nano System -Just took down, needs a good home

    I ran this for 4 years and just took it down last week, my daughter dumped an entire canister of food in it, and a few days later everything died. I'm done with it, getting out of the hobby for now. Looking for someone to take all this off my hands. 24 Gallon Nano Aqua-pod with canopy and...
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    What kind of cleanup crew for a small tank?

    My 24 gallon is done cycling and I have brown diatoms all over my sand bed now. It's time to start looking into a cleaning crew. I had a terrible time with hermits in my 120 gallon, they knocked stuff over and stole food from my other fish, they were way too aggressive. Is snails enough for a...
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    Hello again

    Thank you Doug and Rob. It's nice to be back :)
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    Hello again

    After being out of the hobby for a few years I'm back, but this time just with a 24g nano. My 120g enslaved me, I hope to avoid that with this little tank. My tank is ready for some livestock now, I've had a little clownfish for awhile and I think I may want to get him a toadstool. I'm...
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    FS: SPS and Duncans

    He probably means 1 and 1/2 inches (1.5")
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    Home Theaters.

    Haven't posted on here in awhile, but this thread caught my eye. So my system is a bit old now, (this was built in 2003), it lacks HDMI and all that, but its not a video system, its purely for listening to my SACDs. This is at the low end of hi fidelity gear. I could have easily spent $100K on...
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    OT: Dogs please help me

    I've paid up to $350 for a dog from a rescue. You're paying for the fact that the dog has been spayed or neutered and possibly micro-chipped and is up on his shots. Animals from rescues live good lives with a foster family until they are placed. County shelters, (the pound) may be a cheaper...
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    OT: BlueRay Player recommendation?

    PS3, because it is software upgradeable. So when changes to the spec come out, you will get an update over the Internet and you're all set. The other players most likely aren't also computers so they probably can't do that. Cheers Josh