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    Selling everything

    I am going to be moving and need to sell everything. Realisticly this thread is searching for a serious interested buyer. I have more stuff than I can list right now. My wife is due to deliver any day now and this will likely be a muti day move so you should have a way to store live item's...
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    So you want to be a coral propagator

    This unit was custom made by me to meet the needs of coral propagation. The tank is very open at the top for excelent top down viewing. Made of 1/4 smoke acrylic on all sides except the front which is 3/8 clear. Unit is well braced. I used this for a short period as a shallow reef. I recently...
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    wtb dirt cheap r/r 72 bowfront and stand
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    New to SW, Forum, and all

    Welcome. The key piece of advice in saltwater is that only bad things happen fast in saltwater. That becomes more true as you climb the ladder from fish only, to soft coral, lps, and sps... Remember to be patient. Many of the mistakes that kill tanks are simple. Don't add saltwater to make up...
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    FS Life Reef Calcium Reactor, Regulator, Selinoid, Controller, etc.

    Everything is pending pick up except the 20 lb. tank. If it sells I'll do $80 on the tank (empty)
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    FS Life Reef Calcium Reactor, Regulator, Selinoid, Controller, etc.

    For sale are the following items: Life Reef Calcium Reactor with bubble counter. The counter has crazing, however there is no need to use it with a controller. Empty 20 lb. Co2 canister. Reef grade Co2 regulator and selinoid. Milwakee PH controller/monitor. Probe was working when unhooked...
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    Free Bicolor Blenny

    Darn. I was just there picking up a couple of fish and would have loved to grab him :(
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    Selling ASM G4+ Skimmer in sump

    The specs say sedra 9000 as pulled from marine depot, as stated comes with eheim only.
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    Looking to adopt Fish

    Thanks, I would love to have it. That is a far drive. Let me see if some others come up and I can pick them all up at once. BTW I was thinking that I wanted one of these :)
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    Looking to adopt Fish

    I recently converted my 250 gal. reef to a FOWLR (sorta) I still have softies in there. Anyway the conversion was hard on the fish. I lost several due to anerobic bacteria I presume. Anyway I have several fish on the way, but I still have plenty of room. So if you have a fish that is too large...
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    Selling ASM G4+ Skimmer in sump

    It's a monster. She has served faithfully, but I converted my tank to FOWLR and don't need it anymore. It has a like new Eheim pump, and is free of defects. $468 on Marine depot. You can have mine for $250 cash (firm like a rock) call 970-978-8977 if interested Specifications: Body Size: 8...
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    FS: Dual 48" VHO setup with IceCap ballast

    A bit far from Greeley I'm afraid. Thanks.