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    My tank Inside and Out, (It's SO LOUD underwater!!!)

    Yep Samsung S7 :) Water proof up to 5 feet for 30 mins.
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    My tank Inside and Out, (It's SO LOUD underwater!!!)

    HAHAHA thank guys :) Yeah I let that hammer take over the entire tank unchecked. And now I kinda like it like that hahaha
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    My tank Inside and Out, (It's SO LOUD underwater!!!)

    Since my new phone is water proof..... I decided to throw it in my fish tank for some video in my 12G Nano. I had no idea how loud it was in my tank!!
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    Tim (TFP) on American Reef

    That's AWEOME man!! congratz!!!
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    This is interesting !!!

    Dang that might be enough to drag me back into the hobby.. I mean technically I never left because I still have a 12G nano running but man I would love to get big again and something like this with an Auto WC System... Count me in!!!
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    LF LED Fixture 12G nano

    RapidLED for the win! Got an awesome Kit from them and they even offered a discount for MARS peeps :) I will have to post pics after I get it mounted over the tank right now I have no way to mount it yet since I wont be putting it in the "hood"...
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    LF LED Fixture 12G nano

    OK so I've been out of the scene for quite a while BUT I still have the original tank that got me started in the hobby like 12 years ago. This tank has never been torn down and is still running BUT I need a new light for it. I want an LED fixture I have no SPS so don't need super high light...
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    Jebao WP40, a knockoff, yet getting a lot of attention lately!

    I know it's SOO annoying.... When can we get some water pumps that work like the silent caterpillar magneto drives in the submarine for Hunt for Red October with no moving parts?!?!?!?
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    Mars July 18th Bowling Social(Not at Roundtable)!!!

    PLEASE let Round Table know if you haven't already as they book extra staff for our meeting nights.
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    anyone drill tanks and build sumps?

    Here is my video I made on drilling tanks. I used to drill hundreds of tanks back in the day. I still have the bits, but just don't find time to drill anymore. You are welcome to borrow a bit if you like?