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  • Hi Gary, I tried to friend you on FB, im looking for frags if vhf you want to make some for me?
    Hello Gary,

    Do you still have your emperor angel junior? I saw a post from 2007 and was curious if you still had it.
    Hi there, I have to tell you how much our favorite Agway has been taking care of me! I ordered 6 chromis, a tail spot blenny, and a simple sympodium from Unique Corals; the 3/4" frag looked like someone blew their nose on a 1/2 inch tile, the chromis were all starved thin and the blenny near dead. I remembered a few years ago that Sharon at Liberty Agway had brokered anthias for me at a great price, and called her. I picked up that day six beautiful healthy chromis that she didn't need to unbag to add to my three remaining; three weeks later I have a nice nine piece shoal. I told her I was looking for mixed size Royal Grammas; she called Monday and said they were available. I picked a trio up Tuesday and they are so healthy and beautiful. Just wanted to share, Robert

    I see this is not a PM, I am fine with it public.
    Hey Gary, how has your emperor done around various corals? other angels? calms? how long have you had him?
    hi gary
    i send a message witch is very impotend for me. can you please halp ?
    we have by us the LaCl3(crystals 99%) so it easy to make out of this 10% diulited, but not the seaklear/
    I get from GFS chemicals this product
    how much i'h to dilute with RO water comper to seaklear product?
    Hi Gary,
    I'm new here,hope to know more information with coral reef,thanks for your help.Ruby
    Gary, are you still interested in the Bubble Coral? CF isn't offering much more than an even trade for a very small one. Millie said they'd have trouble selling one that big. How about $75.00? If you don't want it, I'll list it on URS for a little more than that.
    I will search for the thread...Ill tell you make me a care package...Ill make you a care package. Sconny beers for the win. :D
    Beautiful emperor long have you had him...any issues with him eating corals?

    I have a 4" or so navarchus angel...and he has been picking at some stuff, but I am making it work. SPS are growing, and not showing any signs of damage even though I see him pick at them occasionally.

    gary, I finally got my tank set up and running. I need to upgrade the skimmer. I have a 125g 6 footer. Since I have been out of the hobby for the last few years I am not real sure If there have been any changes as far as protien skimmers. I see the new rave seems to be cone skimmers but they are out of my price range. On my last reef I had an ASM G2 For this reef I was considering a G3. I was talking to Joe at SWP and he was trying to get me into a reef octopus. It was a little cheaper than the asm but I have never heard of it. I want to keep the price between 2 and 3 hundred. Could you give me some advice as to what skimmer I should be going with.
    Hi. I live in Rome ny and need to find some fellow reefers. My 75 gal reef is getting crowded,so I would like to sell or trade frags . My problem is no petshops. 2 have closed within the past 6 months. Can you offer any advise for me. Thank you. Josie.
    Hey Gary,

    I just bought a Stichodactyla tapetum off of DFS. Reading some of your previous threads as well as your article made me interested in keeping this particular anemone. Reasearched it as much as I could online. Question: do I need to be concerned with this guy eating my Picasso Clown pair? I know that the tapatum is not a clown hosting anemone per say, rare if ever. I just started to think about whether they are picky about their catchable meals. Thanks as usual for any insight, info, wisdom.

    Bill Bingham
    Just about everyday. Some days I am out driving around for a part of the day. Let me know when you want to meet up
    You may not remember me but it's Allen (stolireef). I moved to AZ a couple of years ago and I'm thinking about getting back into the hobby (once I find a couple of nickles to rub together). How are things in Rochester. I really miss the hobby and all of you guys. Do you ever get to the zoo? Is the tank OK? Any pics?
    Anyway, just saying hello.

    Allen Friedman.
    by the way thanks for the B-day wishes. Since I am trying to cut down on sugar and can't have any cake, I no longer really care about birthdays. But thanks, you were the first this year
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