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    Does anyone know if I can feed my anemones wild caught shrimp? caught shrimp

    Yes, you can feed shrimp for the seafood dept. of the grocery store. I usually let them soak in water for a few minutes. Also, you don't mention what species of anemone you have, but generally speaking, chopping the pieces to peanut size is a good idea.
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    New carpet anemone

    Nice Heteractis aurora (not surprised Petco labeled it "sebae").
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    Magnifica Split

    Very cool! I've had one mag since November, 2001. In all that time it has only divided twice. I have a purple base I've had for almost that long (I got it a couple of years after the first one), and it's only divided twice. So, it seems to be a rare occurence in captivity.
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    My new Amphiprion epigrammata

    Those are beautiful fish. Also, I didn't realize maroons are now (at least tentatively) in the Amphiprion genus. Thank you for the info.
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    Sebae anemone help

    I think your anemone is a goner. When filaments are visible, I don't think there's any bringing one back.
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    LED for magnifica

    Thank you Minh. I'm getting the impression that LED alone will be fine with my mags. I'm just a little nervous because I've read about bleaching, changing corals colors, etc..
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    LED for magnifica

    Thank you top shelf!
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    LED for magnifica

    Indeed, quite a variety. Thank you very much for the information. I will give Radions and AI Prime HD a closer look. Thanks again...Gary
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    LED for magnifica

    I've had my mags under T-5s for years, and I'm seriously considering LEDs. I'm looking at the Maxspect 24" Recurve 200 watt. First I am looking for reassurance that LEDs will be fine for my anemones. Second I'm looking for information whether the 100 watt Maxspect Razor would supply enough...
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    Is my Sebae Anenome Dying?

    Your crispa is looking pretty good. It might darken up a bit with more time. The list tonysi gave is good. However, Fautin and Allen (authors of the field guide on anemone fish and their hosts) added percula to the list, when in fact, it's very possibly a mistake that percs are hosted by...
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    RBTA constantly detaching?

    You definitely want to keep any powerheads covered with screen to prevent the BTA from getting sucked in. Even though some BTAs may adapt to a nitrate level as high as yours and stay put, I have BTAs that are over a decade old and any time the nitrates started to become detectable on an API...
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    What kind of anemone is this?

    The flower pot is a good idea. LTAs like deep sand beds. If he dug right in, then he should be fine. The thing with LTAs is they often come in with damaged foots and when that's the case, it seems to be a downhill road. If you ever decide to move it, just move the flower pot, don't try to...
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    Anemone got sucked into Powerhead

    I've only observed movement with anemones when the nitrates start to creep up above the undetectable level. Nitrates are not particularly toxic to anemones, unless quite high, but they do seem "irritated" by them even when in low concentration.
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    Please help with Carpet and clown.

    Glad to hear the anemone dug in. Haddoni are generally considered one of the hardier host species. If you feed it regularly, it will grow to an impressive size. They can be fish eaters, more so than any other host anemone species, but can make a life-long pet for you that is very interesting...
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    Please help with Carpet and clown.

    Yeah, not a natural host. Fautin and Allen are the go-to guide for natural pairings. Even they have one pairing that is questionable, H. crispa and A. percula--I still haven't seen a reference photo in the wild where an H. crispa was hosting a perc. But otherwise, I think their lists are very...