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  • I was wondering if you still have a pdf manual on the Natureef denitrifier and if you could send it to me by email??
    Gasman, I recently acquired a natureef denitrator and am looking for a wiring diagram and manual. I saw a thread where you offered to send a manual to someone a while back. Do you still have an online version that you could fwd to me?

    Best Wishes,

    David Noller
    are new to the site, I saw that the 4 / 2011 had you had the LEDs mounted on the Blu Sol AI, I wanted to know how you found it, I have them mounted on my tank on 20/2011 and I also paired t 5 from 2 39w , as the growth of corals in this light.: Wavehand:
    Can you send me some pics and details of the setup? If your tank is any indication, I'm sure it is well set up. My email is aronson87@hotmail. Thanks
    what depth are you running your skimmer at? Vertex forum has mixed heights 8-10 inches for the 200.

    I'm actualy in the negotiating with 2 guys 1 has the deltec and the other has the bk. The deltec guy wants to sell his 2 year old skimmer but the bk guy wants to trade his for it because the deltec is a little smaller for his tank. So in turn it's either I buy the deltec for him and he sends me the bk and I get the deltec sent to him. Or just buy the bk for 1500 and it's 5 months old. If I buy the deltec for him it saves me 500 in the end. What do you think about this deal?

    1 more thing who made your sump? That is almost the set up I want. I love the fact you don't have to mess with filter socks. Just change the pad and voilà. Maybe one day I could swing by and check it out in person for ideas for mine wink wink. Tks again for all your input it does not go to waist rest asured
    Hey Manny, I know it's been a while but do you still have the desjardini tang for sale? If so what was the price?
    A gas man do you do rock i would like if you can do my rock even if i have hit you with so money let me know
    one return one overflow I have a gate valve to control the level of the overflow and sound. HTH
    Gasman "¦I have followed your build thread for a while. My tank is very similar to yours. I am at the plumbing stage and was wondering how you plumed your drain and return. I noticed that you only have two holes in your overflow. Where is your return?

    I have three 1" holes in my over flow.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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