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  • Hey Greg, Not sure if you remember me, but I was in the SCMAS club about 10 years ago. I saw your build thread as I have been thinking about a new tank. Lots of new toys to and things to consider. I was curious where you purchased your AGE tank from? Their website says they don't sell to the public.

    Greg - Please mail out my SCMAS membership. I joined at RAP but have not been to a meeting to pick it up in person. Thanks, Ted
    Greg - I joined SCMAS at RAP. Any idea when the SCMAS membership "packages" are going to be sent out?
    hey Greg lalo trying to around the site about the corals did you find out who has them tomorrow's my day off I would like to get a few its lalo, text me back
    Hi Greg
    This the number that I have for you not sure
    It still works
    You can text me at 951-533-8491
    The PAR meter could really help me e out.
    Thanks in advance Greg
    Sorry to PM you, i'm just not getting a few questions answered and I've done reasearch for days.

    Did u ever find out if the Laguna Max-flow 2400, 2900, 4200 are goo return pumps?

    I have excellent deals that I found for $169, $187, and $185. Yeah the 4200 cheaper then the 2900. I don't want to miss out on the sale if they are good pumps to buy.

    What do u have to say regarding them?

    Loyal Reef.
    Hello, jprdriver is selling a BK 300 deluxe skimmer. I see he has u listed as a friend on RC. I have met u @ numerous swaps etc. Just wanted to ask if i can trust this guy
    hey greg its christian. you told me there was a aquarium club in the inland empire or hi desert. i love the scmas but the drive changes the dynamics. can you get me a link or number to a contact. thnx
    Same here. Mke sure you go next year too. This is the only show of the year that I have fun at!
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