gemini aquarius(t)

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  • I moved and had to take down my tank for a little while so I gave the DB to a friend to hold in his tank till a got my set up again along with some corals. It died unfortunately, I would love to buy some more from you if you are selling any. I loved that stuff. I have cheato and calurpa now in my fuge doing very well. Anyway, hope all is well.
    thanks for the help yesterday. I think I found out why my zoas are not opening. I have brittle stars in my tank does capo reef have any harlequin shrimp in right now?
    can you send me a picture of the small frag and how much you want for it? I am in Laguna Niguel. thanks
    We will treat you right... We were the first to bring this rock the market 14 year ago. We where the first to clean and process rock in this way. And we are the only one that digs our own rock. We also are the only one that cleans sand and run it through a magnetic sorter to remove metal. The ocean is full of mans left overs any more.
    Here is the picture of my rock in good shape. That costumer did request smaller pieces,
    that are hard to ship. He wanted a minimalist look to his tank, we always meet our costumers requests. We never just throw rock in a box and ship. We leave that to the other rock suppliers. One should get the best aquascape for there tank,one has to look at it for a long time. We want our costumers to always have a impressive tank.
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