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    What is this thing?

    it is a valve that spins changing water flow from one port to another
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    Where to buy 32 mm plumbing?

    mcmastercarr probably has the fittings you need
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    need some help tried to buff the front of my 400 gal acrylic

    If you are comfortable using a buffer I always used Meguiar's with a foam pad at a lower speed.
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    3rd floor apartment and 93 gallon

    I would also make sure your renters insurance would cover any water damage created by a mishap.
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    Wtb 90-120 gallon tank. 48" long

    Please post prices when you are offering something for sale Thanks
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    Orphek Atlantik v2 Not working right

    So only two people here have this light :lol: I think its the app not the lights. Try splitting the ramp up into several one hour programs instead of one long ramp. If there is someone else who can try an extended ramp up to see if creates the same funky results it would certainly help narrow...
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    Columbus LFS

    Look up Phishy Business and Reef Systems. Reef systems is only open a few days a week so you should verify you will be able to visit. Both stores are rather close to each other so it would be easy to see both in an afternoon.
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    Closed at thread starters request.
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    let's see some innovaive marine tanks!!!

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    Thank you CORA

    I am not sure what you are referring to?? :lol:
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    Thank you CORA

    We had nice time at the show today
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    Blast from the Past, the first Ohio Frag Swap!!

    Layla dug it up. I think there was about 30 people there and we thought that was just phenomenal...
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    Blast from the Past, the first Ohio Frag Swap!!

    IIRC Serdar of was there (long before there was a retail store) selling using five gallon buckets and strip lights to display. No one set up a tank, all just bags of coral frags in griff's house. I know for sure Shawn from was there along with some others from...
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    Blast from the Past, the first Ohio Frag Swap!!

    Thought some of you reefers might find this cool.